REPUBLICANS LOST, but NO ONE VOTED. What does it mean?

November 8, 2006

President Bush and the VMFP, Voting Machine Fraud Party, tried to steal the election last night, but failed because they couldn’t overwhelm the wave of anger and disgust about what they are doing with this country.

BUT, something much more important is happening.  We are rapidly falling into a Non-Democracy, a country run by a very small brain trust.  Slightly more than one third of this country’s registered voters actually voted last night in one of the MOST IMPORTANT ELECTIONS of all time.  This was an election that was really a Referendum on the War in Iraq.  AND, the vast majority of voters DID NOT EVEN CARE to exercise their right to vote.

WHY?  I wonder is that happening to us?  And the answer is obvious to me.  BOTH PARTIES STINK to high heaven.  Most voters are smart enough to know that whichever party is in power, it really has very little impact on their lives.  There will still be wars.  There will still be terrorism.  There will still be unfair confiscatory taxes in this country.  In fact, taxes are about to go WAY UP, because of the mismanagement of the Bush Administration and their out of control spending.  Someone has to pay the piper.  It might as well be us, rather than our children paying for it. 

BUT, what we need now is a way to energize the entire voting population.  If this democracy is to survive, we cannot run this country and the awesome power it wields for either good or bad, we must make it so that EVERY VOTER turns out.  There’s only one way to ensure a Real Democracy in this nation.  We MUST VOTE ON THE INTERNET.

Why place the Federal Ballot on the Internet?  Because of two very good reasons.  Voting machines, which they are rapidly installing into all the polling places are NOT secure.  Your home computer is far more secure and protected against political hacking than a voting machine that contains all the votes in one particular precinct.  You home computer tied to the Internet can be safeguarded easily in an election by products like McAfee’s Anti-Virus and Norton Internet Safe.  These products and thousands more like them can make your home computer impossible to hack and alter your voting record.  In a recount, it would be a fifteen minute job to re-poll all the computers on the Internet to see if we got it right.  Try that with any paper balloting or Machine balloting in existence today.

NOT USING the Internet for VOTING is like being forced to drive Model T Fords, the first mass produced automobiles which had no heater, no air conditioning, no suspension, no power steering, no CD players, no real engines and very uncomfortable seats.  Why should we continue to use OUTDATED technology to vote when every single family has a PERFECT VOTING MACHINE at home?  If they don’t, they can easily find a library or a school that has them to vote on.  OR, the government could far more cheaply supply every voter with a small compact computer.  They already paid 3 BILLION DOLLARS for voting machines that don’t work.


BUT By far and away THE MOST IMPORTANT REASON for VOTING ON THE INTERNET is that it will eventually give us NATIONAL BALLOT MEASURES because as soon as we start putting the political machine in the hands of the voters themselves, SOME OF US will start to SUGGEST some better IDEAS like RECALLING OUR TROOPS before more of these great sons and daughters are murdered at the hand of suicide bombers and religious lunatics.

How about REQUIRING a balanced budget?  How about allowing Stem Cell Research to continue to cure the most ravaging diseases?  How about lowering our taxes so that we can afford to feed our families better?  How about a National Health Insurance Plan?  How about a reform of Social Security so that it doesn’t run out of money?  How about a secure border so that immigration is held to a reasonable level?  How about penalizing corporations that take their jobs to other countries?  How about forcing Car companies to produce cars with better mileage?  How a special tax on the oil companies and taking the revenues generated from this Environmental Tax and giving it to companies that produce hydrogen, solar, electric or other alternative powered cars?  How about . . .

And, I could go on all day long with BALLOT MEASURES that I WOULD LIKE TO SEE US VOTING ON, over the Internet, without the interference of the LOBBYISTS and the POLITICAL COMPROMISING PARTIES.

What MEASURES would YOU PROPOSE?   Do you think you would enjoy living in a country that was RUN BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE and OF THE PEOPLE?


GO TO:  TO learn how to get it started.

P.S.  If you’re still not convinced, Just ask yourself, WHY IS IT neither the Democrats or the Republicans have TOLD you about NATIONAL BALLOT MEASURES or VOTING on the INTERNET?  Why do they SQUELCH anyone who suggests it?










Bush Administration plans to STEAL the Election

November 4, 2006

Think about it.  Why is Carl Rove so confident that the Republicans will win the Election AGAIN, even though all the polls are telling us that Americans are planning to vote for Democrats and AGAINST The Iraq War by Two to One.

Could it be that the electronic Voting Machine Company, Diebold, based in Texas and a contributor of millions of dollars to the Bush Campaign and a major contributor to the Rupublican Party has the VOTE ALREADY in place for the Republicans?

A recent study just showed that the programming has HUGE GAPING SECURITY HOLES that defy logic and that these machines are programmed LARGELY IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES, like Arabia, Slovakia, Pakistan and even Russia.  How is it psosible that this company is not required to hire all programmers in this country where they can be watched and security can be at a much higher level?  How is it that so many of the old paper voting systems have been replaced by these UNSECURE FOREIGN PROGRAMMED, ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES that can be changed WITHOUT EVEN A PASSWORD PROTECTION, no paper trail and not even a programming trail of who’s been messing with them and when?

STAND UP AMERICANS for DEMOCRACY before it’s 100% GONE.  VOTING ON THE INTENET NOT ONLY FOR Republicans and Democrats, BUT FOR THE ISSUES themselves is FAR MORE SECURE.  With the help of Microsoft Windows and Linux and other Internet Security Firms, a way can be made for every citizen to vote on the INTERNET WITH 100% confidence because EVERY COMPUTER IN EVERY HOME and BUSINESS HAS A UNIQUE I.P. Address and it’s impossible to fake that.  Every computer connected to the Internet is already far more secure RIGHT NOW, than any voting machine.   Within a few weeks, the Internet could be made 100% foolproof for VOTING.


GO TO:  AND GIVE US your support.  IF you’re patriotic and YOU RESPECT OUR HALLOWED CONSTITUTION, you’ll do this now.

IF not, God Help Us!

Bush Administration put Nuclear Bomb Blueprints ONLINE for Terrorists

November 3, 2006

According to CNN and even Fox News, the Government Propaganda channel , today, The PENTAGON had placed documents on how to make a Nuclear Weapon online for the whole world to see.  It is highly likely that the terrorists NOW know how to build a Nuke thanks to the Bush Administration.

HOW MUCH MORE INCOMPETENCD will the American People  stand for?

Isn’t it time, we let the people decide some of the major issues like this.  TAKE the POWER away from the Bureaucrats.  All they care about is their next paychecks.  They don’t represent US.



President Bush Desperate, now calls for Democratic Plan

October 27, 2006

President Bush today holds a press conference, two weeks ahead of the elections and basically says that his old policy of “STAY THE COURSE” in Iraq is not working and so now it’s time for Scheduled Withdrawal of our troops. He doesn’t say that the Democrats were right and he was wrong, BUT, the Democrats were right and he was wrong. We can’t allow more and more of our best and most brave and heroic young men and women to die for NO REASON, other than to keep the OIL reserves in this God Forsaken country for our use.

BUT when a President of the United States goes around making hundreds of speeches about how the Democrats are WRONG and only he is RIGHT, and THEN JUST BEFORE an ELECTION so that HE CAN REMAIN IN POWER by taking up the DEMOCRATS SIDE, there’s something rotten in Denmark.

THE ONLY QUESTION I have is, “Are the American People DUMB ENOUGH to buy that kind of crap?”

I leave it up to you to answer in your next voting.

GO TO:  <a href=””>Voting On the”</a>

CNN Series – Broken Government. The FIX Starts Here

October 24, 2006

You may have seen the CNN series “Broken Government” wherein they expose the FRAUD about our Elected Officials who are NEVER WORKING for the MAJORITY of American citizens who contributed to their campaigns and instead WORK for their own enrichment.  The only bills that are guaranteed to pass every year are the bills that INCREASE THEIR SALARIES and BENEFITS.

THIS WILL NEVER IMPROVE no matter who we put into office.  OUR DEMOCRACY IS IN PERIL.

AND ONLY YOU CAN HELP.  You must make a STAND for National Ballot Measures.  IN THIS WAY, We the PEOPLE can PLACE our OWN INITIATIVES and REFERENDA on the National Ballot during each election.  THEN and ONLY THEN will we have a REAL DEMOCRACY in America.

There’s nothing RADICAL about this idea.  We have the Internet and this is the BEST USE of this wonderful and most democratic technology.  VOTING on the INTERNET directly for the issues is the ONLY way to finally have a way to solve problems on a National Scale, QUICKLY, EFFICIENTLY, INVOLVING all the citizens and FREE from BRIBES and CORRUPTION.  Because the Major Corporations BUY our Elected Officials with Cheap little baubles, Free Lunches, Sexual Favors and FREE TRIPS to fancy resorts.  BUT, when we have a way to CREATE LAWS by everyone VOTING FOR THEM on the Internet, NO ONE CAN INTERFERE WITH THE WILL OF THE MAJORITY.


IF you have a website or a blog, put up this LINK to our Web Site promoting VOTING on the INTERNET.

It looks like this:  <a href=””>ELECTIONS</a&gt;

Now, whenever anyone wants to know about Real Democracy they will click on your LINK and find out how to START VOTING OVER THE INTERNET RIGHT NOW.  It’s important that you DO NOT ALTER any of the LINK WORDING ABOVE, because if we can get just a few thousand AMERICAN CITIZENS who believe in Real Democracy in America and the END to the TWO PARTY MONOPOLY OF IDEAS, then, as more and more of you LINK TO US, the MAJOR Search Engines will PUT OUR WEB SITE ON TOP of their RESULTS PAGES for the KEY SEARCH WORD, “ELECTIONS”.  As we get closer and closer to ELECTION 2008 more and more of our citizens will search Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. to find out about the candidates and other election information.

ONE THING they will LEARN about is OUR MOVEMENT for NATIONAL BALLOT MEASURES AND HOW THEY CAN HELP BEGIN IT.  When a critical mass of American Citizens LEARN about how EASY it is to CHANGE THIS COUNTRY to a FULL Democracy a REAL Democracy a DIRECT Democracy, then the CHANGES WILL COME.  Our country will be saved.  Our children and their children for generations to come will be able to live the American Dream of Peace and FREEDOM forever.

The CHOICE IS YOURS.  BY DOING NOTHING, you allow this country to continue down the ROAD TO DESTRUCTION.  BY JOINING US, you can help bring about something POSITIVE and ESSENTIAL to our SURVIVAL AS A NATION and the Leader of the FREE WORLD.

The last thing you should know is that THE FOUNDING FATHERS of this great nation created a Partial Democracy because in their day, over two hundred years ago, there was ZERO technology outside of the HORSE and BUGGY.  They HAD to set up a REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY because this huge country could only be handled by a Congress of citizens elected to represent the will of the people.  BUT, can you imagine the FOUNDING FATHERS using HORSE AND BUGGY technology if they were creating AMERICA TODAY in the 21st Century?  I DOUBT IT.  I believe the FOUNDING FATHERS would use every MEGABYTE of the INTERNET and our amazing COMPUTERIZED SOCIETY TO STREAMLINE DEMOCRACY and GIVE THE PEOPLE the POWER they deserve.

Thomas Jefferson and ALL of the other FOUNDING FATHERS put in our Constitution, “THE POWERS not enumerated HERE in this Constitution are reserved for THE PEOPLE.  Somehow they knew that in the future of this great country, there would come a day when MORE POWER could be GIVEN TO THE PEOPLE and so they allowed for the AMENDMENT PROCESS wherein, We the People can ADD anything we want, anything we deem worthy of a Real Democracy and MAKE IT PART OF THE CONSTITUTION.  AMENDMENTS to the United States Constitution, the HOLIEST SCRIPTURE EVER PENNED have been made 26 times since the start of this country in 1776.

Without the United States Constitution and the right to CHANGE IT, we would still have SLAVERY in this country.  We would still allow ONLY RICH WHITE MEN to vote and NOT ALLOW WOMEN to vote.  We would have NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH, the FREE PRESS or FREEDOM of RELIGION.  We would not have the right bear arms.  We would not have the RIGHT TO VOTE DIRECTLY on the ISSUES.  THIS will be the NEXT great AMENDMENT to the U.S. Constitution, but only with your involvement.  We are STILL SLAVES to the POLITICIANS and their TOTAL LACK OF GOOD IDEAS.

THIS GOVERNMENT who enslaves YOU will not GIVE YOU NATIONAL BALLOT MEASURES, even though they KNOW that this would be the GREATEST IMPROVEMENT in Government in all HISTORY.  They will not GIVE IT TO US.  WE MUST TAKE IT.

Calling for a NATIONAL REFERENDUM on Stem Cell Research

October 17, 2006

Mr. President,

We The People of the United States are calling on YOU, our leader, to create a NATIONAL REFERENDUM of Stem Cell Research.  We believe that you are NOT the best person to decide on the PROHIBITION of Stem Cell Research as you have done because you are not afflicted by any life-threatening disease, and we thank God for that.  But, you should be aware that the millions of Americans who now suffer from Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Obesity, AIDS, the FLU and many other killer diseases, have a Death Sentence on them imposed by diseases that could be cured by Stem Cell Research, the most promising line of scientific health related research in the world at the present time.

We pray and hope that you will consider the logic that will allow you to change your mind and reverse your SINGLE and DICTATORIAL and Imperial decision.  IF NOT, that you will at least put this issue to the PEOPLE themselves.  IF the vast majority of people in this country DISAGREE with you about when life starts and that the lives of LIVING PEOPLE may take precedence over any moral considerations you and some preachers may have, then WHO ARE YOU TO STAND IN THE WAY of the MAJORITY?  Just because you are the President of the United States, does NOT give you the right to OVER-RULE the will of the majority.  THERE is NOTHING in the United States Constitution that allows you this much power.  AND, the taking of this much power is strictly forbidden, by any objective reading of this great document.

You do have the power to recommend LEGISLATION that would ENABLE NATIONAL INITIATIVES AND REFERENDA.  AND why not?  The TIME couldn’t be better.  There are so many issues facing this great nation and your humble ability to make the right decisions has been shown to be very challenged to say the least.  You would be the first to admit that you made a HUGE mistake going to war in Iraq, I’m sure, if it weren’t for your ego, and the political uncertainty that would arise from such an admission, that prevents you from admitting your mistakes publicly.

THERE WILL BE MANY MORE opportunities for you to make huge blunders and we ask you, is it moral, ethical or even logical to hold the American People and their great resources of life and money responsible for so many of your mistakes?  Should the American People, and untold generations of us be forced to pay the price for your mistakes?  Or any President’s mistakes.  You’re certainly not the first or the only President that has made mistakes.  Lyndon Johnson lied to the American People about the Bay of Tonkin, which he manufactured so that he could bring us into an unfortunate and costly War in Viet Nam.  Very much like you, he made a huge mistake and one that he regretted deeply.  I believe he died an early and unhappy death because he was so torn up inside about this terrible fraud of his upon the American people which cost so many hundreds of thousands of innocent lives.  I’m sure, if there is a HELL, there is a special place reserved for this President in this place.

President Clinton, because he was being torn apart by the Monica Lewinsky affair, didn’t concentrate on destroying Al Quaeda.  I’m sure, he is extremely torn up over that decision.  President Jimmy Carter bungled the Hostages in Iran problem by sending in junky old Helicopters that all broke down in the desert before they could make the rescue of our people.  He should have sent in the Marines with dozens of tanks and hundreds of planes to ensure that they arrived at their destination.  Your father, failed to get Saddam in the first Gulf War, simply because the wealthy Arab Oil Cartel told him to let Saddam go so as to not embarrass the Muslim world.  I’m sure your father, George the First, regrets this decision very much, since it lead you into your trap in Iraq.

Mr. President.  Isn’t it time to allow the PEOPLE of this great nation to take the burden off of the politicians in Washington D.C. who are so beholding to the Special Interest Groups?  The individual VOTER, the citizens of this great country can and should be allowed to MAKE some of the most important decisions that greatly impact their lives.  Why not be the FIRST PRESIDENT in history to allow us to have NATIONAL REFERENDA?  The people in RUSSIA hold frequent National Referenda.  It’s done in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France and Great Britain and in 22 of the states in these United States.  WHY NOT for the nation as a whole if for NO OTHER REASON than to save your sanity and your legacy by sharing the burden of the most pressing and the most serious problems and their possible solutions with the American people.

IF we are forever tied to decisions made by people who regularly must raise millions of dollars from special Interest groups, we’ll never have any real solutions.  And, more importantly, when we who are suffering from life-threatening diseases, have to live with the decision NOT to look for cures, IS THAT DEMOCRACY?  When a few lunatic preachers can COMMAND the President of the United States to prohibit Stem Cell Research from some ludicrous basis of Biblical Dogmatic reasoning that is anathema to real thinking people, AND HE COMPLIES with them.  Is this Real Democracy?  DID you, Mr. President BUY THE VOTES of the EVANGELICALS with this terrible and unjust, UNFAIR and IMMORAL decision?  From our point of view, the viewpoint of people with life-threatening diseases, I think I can say NO, THIS IS NOT DEMOCRACY, but instead A TYRANNY of the minority over the vast majority of American citizens.

A NATIONAL REFERENDUM is required more and more with each passing day because each passing day, you and your cronies in the Capitol make the most horrific decisions that go against common sense and the general Welfare of the American People.  The General Welfare of the American People is GUARANTEED TO US by the United States Constitution and in your action prohibiting UNILATERALLY the general welfare of the American People you are saying in effect that you completely disregard the United States Constitution and everything it stands for.

Please visit my Web Site VOTINGONTHEINTERNET.COM to see how easy it would be to use the Internet to have National Referenda or National Ballot Measures.  YOUR people could set up a web site very similar to this.  Give it all the security it needed and make America the FIRST country to use the Internet for a Real Democracy.

NATIONAL REFERENDUM on N. KOREAN Pre-Emptive Military Strike.

October 11, 2006

Mr. President,

It is clear from recent nuclear testing and missile testing and threats by the North Koreans to launch an attack against the United States, that something must be done and that probability is that the only strategy will work, after 20 years of placating this regime, paying Kim Jung Il billions in tribute, allowing him to starve his people, allowing him to counterfeit billions, perhaps trillions of American dollars, thus weakening our economy, that the only thing that may make this evil regime cease and desist is a pre-emptive military attack by the United States, Great Britain, Japan, Australia, South Korea and any other country that cares to join us.

Since, it is conceivable now that the North Korean lunatic government now has as many as ten nuclear bombs, perhaps as many as ten million innocent men, women and children in the United States, South Korea, Japan and other parts of the world may be murdered by this lunatic with nuclear weapons. There may be only a window of three or four months, perhaps sooner that a pre-emptive attack may even be feasible. Given more time to build their arsenals, the potential success of a pre-emptive military attack may be reduced to zero.

In that vein, given that we in America live in a supposed Democracy, we ask that you put this issue to the American people in the form of a National Referendum. The question, we need to ask the American People to decide is: “Should the United States use any or all of her military might to defeat by pre-emptive military strikes the regime of North Korea before they are able to launch a nuclear strike at American cities?”

This question is, in all probability, the greatest question of our time and perhaps of all time. Certainly, it is obvious to all that millions of innocent lives are at stake. If you alone, Mr. President make this decision, history may look at this decision as just as terrible and wrong as the decision making process in North Korea, one man, one horrible and fateful decision. Certainly, a decision of this import should be decided by ALL the American People, not just the “Commander-in-Chief”. Though you call yourself, “The Decider”, according to our Constitution, you are not the decider, the American People, vesting their power in the Congress of the United States are the “Deciders”. Unfortunately, since Congress is just a Rubber Stamp of your policies as shown by the support of Democrats to join in your war in Iraq, it is now a higher and better use of the American People to have their decisions made OVER THE INTERNET in the world’s first Real Democracy, a Direct Democracy, a Democracy that is not relying on the votes of Congress men and women who tow the party line and who have been corrupted by the lobbyists and their money.
Mr. President, wouldn’t it be better and a far better demonstration of American Democracy in Action if you allowed the American people DIRECTLY to vote on whether or not to go to war with North Korea, or any other nation that threatens our national security?

I submit that you do NOT have the best interests of the American People at heart, due to your FAILURE to put this or any other issue to the People in any National Referenda since your first coming to office.  This can only mean that you are NOT a true believer in Democracy and We the People cannot allow anyone to defend Democracy without being a true believer and a participator in Real and True Democracy.  By allowing a National Referenda on this issue, you will prove to the world that you DO believe in Democracy and this would give you the right and the bona fides to defend it.

The National Referenda on whether or not to use our military assets to defend Democracy does not have to be an official act of government.  It could be advisory only.  But, even an Advisory, straw poll of the American People on this issue, would give you the authority to act, if the vote comes out that way.  If you are afraid that the majority of American People would vote AGAINST a pre-emptive military strike against North Korea, then, you do not have to obey it, just as you are not obeying the will of the majority of Americans now, in regards to Iraq.  But, on the other hand, it is more likely that the American Voter, after debating the issue for a short period of time, will come to the conclusion that a pre-emptive military strike is the only strategy that is likely to succeed.  It may even turn out, that after a vote by the American People to this assertion, North Korea will realize the folly of their policies and begin to voluntarily disarm.

Faced with the majority will of the American People to launch a pre-emptive military strike, given the overwhelming military power that we possess at this time, what kind of ruler in any part of the world would be so foolish as to continue down the path of his own self-destruction?  The power of Democracy in either case is strong enough to overcome any outcome.  But we must unleash this power on the world.  We cannot go around striking out at nations just because one man, the Commander-In-Chief, decides to commit thousands of lives and billions of dollars to a military action.  This cannot be tolerated in a world that we are trying to make into a democracy.  The idea of one dictator who has more military power than another dictator is an old, worn out idea that has been shown to be defective and morbid at every instance.  It is only a matter of time before the American Dictatorship will fall due to its own weight and corruption.  It’s not too late to save Democracy, to preserve Democracy, to strengthen Democracy for this nation and for the world..

Mr. President, a web sight has been organize that will allow the Voting of All American Citizens of Voting Age and our latest National Referendum has been set up to measure the will of the people.  If you will only set up your own website in this likeness or you are free to use ours, you will be taking the first step toward a real Democracy in America, and you will be setting the course of history on this Earth along the path of Righteous Self Rule, the Rule Of the People, By the People, and Of the People, for the present emergency that we are in and for all future emergencies that surely will come.

Mr. President, please visit:  VOTINGONTHEINTERNET.COM to see how we have organized this concept for simplicity and ease of use for the American People.  If you choose to use our web site for this purpose, we will be honored, but we invite you to set up your own that will be more robust, more secure and more suited to the purpose of this great and just cause.  Thank You.  Citizens of the United States Who Wish To Be Counted.  CUSWTBC.

Mr. President, I have to make one last little postcript here:

If you DO NOT allow the American People to vote on the issue of whether or not to attack North Korea in a PRE-EMPTIVE MILITARY STRIKE, which I am confident will be your response, and you make the decision alone to attack this nation, which I am also confident, it is your intention of doing, then, let it be known to all who read this blog, and all blogs that connect to this one, that the readers of this blog and all whom they know, are now ON NOTICE that as of this date, you, President George W. Bush were given the opportunity to let the American People help you decide to put the lives of millions of our souls, the lives of our women and children, the life and breath of this the greatest nation on the Earth, in jeopardy, in what will most assuredly become known as World War Three and if you cause the deaths of innocent men, women and children all over the globe, WITHOUT THE STAMP OF APPROVAL OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, SHOULDERING BY YOURSELF THIS GRAVEST OF ALL RESPONSIBILITIES IMPOSED ON ANY MAN, may God have mercy on your soul!

Foley was having Online Sex while Voting FOR the War

October 4, 2006

Republican Representative Foley, according to CNN today was found to be having online sex with a former House Page while the vote was going on about whether or not to send American boys and girls to be killed in the streets of Baghdad. To me, this is unconsciounable and it is just one more indication of the kind of evil we have in this so-called democracy of ours making all the decisions for the American people.

They are probably all having online or actual sex while making the most important decisions effecting our lives every day. The fact that they are NOT paying attention should be well known to all of us. If they were really doing their jobs, there would be no homeless, no poverty, no budget deficits and certainly no un-justified war on a nation that had nothing to do with the attacks on 911. They voted for this war so that they could more easily spend us into bankruptcy knowing they could con us with their lies and prey on our fears.

History is being made by perverts. Do you want the life of America, the land that is the last best hope for this planet slowly squeezed out of it by people like these? And the Democrats are no better. Pres. Clinton was busy chasing young female interns for sex when he should have been hunting down Osama Bin Laden. So, both parties are worthless, perverted power hungry pigs, trained in making great sounding speeches so that we’ll vote them into power where they quickly betray us and the cause of Freedom and Democracy at every opportunity.

IT’S TIME TO PLACE THE POWER OF THE INTERNET OVER THESE PERVERTED FEW. We must start to vote for issues of National interest on the Internet. Each and every American, doing their part, thinking about the issues, discussing them, debating them, and then voting for or against the best solutions for our problems using THE great Democratic TECHNOLOGY of all time, the Internet, is the ONLY way out of the situation in which we find our nation and ourselves.

When this country was born, it was out of the urgency of men and women who were slaves to a King George in England. Today, we are slaves to a King George in Washtington D.C. and all of his courtiers, both Democrats and Republicans alike are at court for the sole purpose of enriching themselves and gratifying their basest urges. Do we all continue to live like slaves to these perverted people? I think not.

This is why I am urging everyone reading these words to go to my web site and start the process that I believe would kick start a Real Democracy in America, and be the first on this planet to be a real and total way to give the power to the people, the true originators and the sole beneficiaries of Government.

DO IT NOW, before the PERVERTS get everything they want, complete and total control over us so that they may better bestow their will upon us. IF you tell all your friends about this Web Site, we have a chance, a slight chance to change the direction of this great nation into oblivion. If you don’t, if you find yourself too busy, too tired, too critical of these words, then there is no hope for Mankind.

This, not the war on Terror,  is the greatest war EVER between GOOD vs. EVIL.   Here we have an Elected Representative having sex with a young man, while sending thousands of young men to their death or disfigurement in Iraq, a hell hole of a civilization that had no bearing on history until people like Representative Foley decided to unleash the hell of war upon their country for no apparent reason.

Do you really want to allow people like this Foley to represent you?  I don’t know about YOU, because I have been imploring people like you for decades to take the power back from these perverts in Washington D.C. and so far to no avail.  I pray for the day, when YOU will listen.

President Clinton Accused of not killing Osama Bin Laden

September 25, 2006

Well, folks, the American Media has now found new lows.   They are running FIRST PAGE articles about accusations that Bill Clinton didn’t kill Osama Bin Laden when he was President.  The biggest offender of this SCAM is FOX NEWS.

The obvious diversion here is that Clinton was PRE-9/11, so the urgency to kill Bin Laden was far less than it was for Pres. Bush who was POST 9/11 and so the MEDIA SHOULD BE ASKING BUSH why HE has not killed or captured Osama, not Bill Clinton, who was, after all fighting of the attempt by REPUBLICANS to have him impeached for having oral sex with an intern.  An intern, by the way, who was a Republican plant and a known slut.  She was well over 18 years of age, so where’s the crime. Pres.Clinton a lawyer should have asked himself; “Where’s the crime?”, but, scared to death of what Hillary would say, he lied about it and then lied under oath too.   Being an attorney, he should have sued himself for malpractive, however, he didnt’ and she didn’t and the rest is history.

The OBVIOUS STORY is why BUSH has not killed or captured Bin Laden, not the former administration.  The media reporters are intelligent enough to know this.  THEY ARE A SHAME and a DISGRACE to the public they try to serve.  Like good Republicans, they too worship money and so they have been paid off wtih the lure of keeping their fat salaries and all their perks for making the news to fit the REPUBLICAN point of view.

BUSH disbanded the CIA unit last year that was responsible for finding Bin Laden.  NO MEDIA source followed up on that story.   The Bush people said it was “Administrative” and meant nothing, and the MEDIA LEFT THEM ALONE, even NBC, said nothing, probed no further.  Yet, if your intention is to find and kill Osama Bin Laden, isn’t the CIA your FIRST LINE OF OFFENSE?  CLOSE DOWN THE EPA, who does nothing to protect the environment, or close down the NEA, who does nothing to improve education in this country, save billions and KEEP THE CIA UNIT in charge of finding Bin Laden in enough money to get the job done.  OR, does BUSH have another agenda?
THIS IS FURTHER PROOF that the MEDIA is controlled by the REPUBLICAN PARTY.  They are bought and paid for by the REPUBLICAN dominated corporations and we should all react by boycotting their publications.  Don’t buy newspapers and don’t listen to the TV and Radio any more than you have to.   Get your news from the INTERNET, where they can’t buy off that many people.  They simply don’t have that much money.

ONLY when we put our voting power on the Internet, these same corporations will run our lives and ruin this democracy for good.

<a href=””> </a> is the place to start taking this country back for ordinary citizens.  IF you DO NOT support, VOTING on the INTERNET, you are a treasonous son of a bitch.   You cannot love America, and NOT support TRUE DEMOCRACY and so if you go along with the corrupt system of MONEY  RULEs that we have now, you are not a true patriotic American.

<a href=””>VOTING ON THE INTERNET</a> is today, the only way to show your true patriotism.  GO TO THIS WEB SITE NOW and show your support for AMERICA, the way that GOD and the FOUNDING FATHERS intended her to be.

TIRED of decisions made in your name in this partial democracy?

August 8, 2006

Democracy means that the voters get to VOTE on the issues directly. In a partial democracy, they use middlemen who are subject to bribery and pursuing selfish interests. For example, they just voted themselves another HUGE PAY RAISE while at the same time, VOTING AGAINST raising the minimum wage for the lowest level of American workers.

Clearly, the middlemen have their own agenda and they follow the orders from their corporate bosses who pay them millions into their “ELECTION CAMPAIGN” funds. Ever wonder what happens to the millions they raise for their “CAMPAIGNS” that is not spent on their campaigns? Do they give the surplus back to their donors? I have never read about any instance of this.
Anyway, now that the Internet has been invented and so widely accepted as a public utility, it is time, I feel, to use it for the highest and best use, a real democracy, one in which the ordinary people make at least some of the most important decisions effecting our lives. Should we raise our taxes or lower them? Should we allow illegal immigration to continue unchecked? Should we continue to lose our best heroes in Iraq when there is no apparent reason for them to remain there any longer? Should we encourage the use of ALTERNATIVE energy sources, produced in this country, since we have become so dependent on foreign oil?

These and many other nagging questions directly impacting the health, welfare and security of ourselves and our children are constantly pressing down upon us. The leadership in Washington, even if they were saints and could resist the daily tempatations of bribery and political corruption, can’t possibly cope on their own. Since they are not saints, we must relieve them of their heaviest responsibilities and vote on some of these most pressing national and international issues, using the technology that can do it best, the Internet.

For more information, please visit: VOTINGONTHEINTERNET.COM