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This page is an INTRODUCTION to the country's FIRST BLOG about Creating Real Democracy in America – NOW. You see, we don't have a real democracy in America YET. The founding fathers of this great country did NOT have the luxury of the History-Making Technological breakthrough of the Internet. So, they set up our government so that we would elect representatives, today's politicians to an office, called Congress where they would meet on a regular basis and try to wrestle with the problems facing the vast majority of American People, which in their day was only a few thousand citizens.

Today, there are nearly 300 Million of us, and we get much less democracy for our bucks than the Founding Fathers intended because of the continuous march of the Two Party System, something not even mentioned in our Framer's Constitution. Over the years, the two Parties, the Democrats and the Republicans have quietly taken over the government to serve the needs of their friends, the FAT CATS, the big party contributors, the large corporations, the lobbyists, basically anyone with a checkbook who wants to buy their votes.

This conspiriacy is why things are going from BAD TO WORSE in this country. We have worsening conditions in our schools. We have roads clogged with so much traffic it takes twice as much time and twice as much energy than necessary to get where we need to go. We are taxed every time we earn a buck, spend a buck, save a buck, invest a buck, or retire with the few bucks that are left. For all this money, trillions upon trillions of our tax dollars spent, they fritter it all away, allowing all our best jobs get transferred overseas to China and Japan and the Phillipiines etc. They ruin our air and water so much that we have to buy our drinking water and put on gas masks in the cities. They let thousands of our brave young soldiers be murdered, pretending their doing this for our benefit somehow, and yet the cost of gasoline goes higher and higher, the economy slows down further and further, our retirement funds shrink more and more, with every death. What are they dying for?

Now, they are allowing an invasion of illegal aliens into this country to drive down the average wage of the American worker. They spy on us, something forbidden by our Constitution and something the Founding Fathers would die for again to stop. They lie to us about nearly everything. They classify all the important information so that we cannot learn the truth. They prosecute the journalists, and put them in jail, who somehow find out the truth. They even tried recently to allow an ARAB company to CONTROL OUR PORTS!!! If it were not for the leak of information, they tried to suppress, we would not have been able to thwart this most evil and pernicious event. BUT, it is just the precursor to what they have in mind.
NOW IS THE TIME to take your country back from the clutches of these Nazis in disguise of Americans. They are not American. The proof is the way that they serve every other NATION, EXCEPT US. Don't be fooled by their clever speeches and arrogant exploits. Their only interest is for themselves and their cronies. IF their cronies wear an ARAB headdress, they are more important to them, than we are.

THE ONLY WAY to stop this silent takeover of this country is to amend the United States Constitution ONE MORE TIME, to allow for REAL DEMOCRACY, National Initiatives and Referenda so that the PEOPLE themselves can decide ALL of the MOST IMPORTANT issues facing us on a daily basis. We can no longer afford, nor are we willing to allow our GOVERNMENT, OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE and FOR THE PEOPLE to be run BY the LOBBYISTS, OF the LOBBYISTS and FOR the Lobbyists! We must end this TYRANNY of the DOMESTIC TERRORISTS now.

IN THESE BLOGS, you will read about step-by-step practical methods for PUTTING THE ISSUES ON THE BALLOT by voting on the INTERNET. The Founding Fathers did not have this technology when they created this country. There is no doubt they would USE this technology to its fullest if they were creating this great nation TODAY.

PLEASE READ, frequently. Please SYNDICATE this News Blog. IF you are a PATRIOTIC American, you will start telling your friends. Place links to this web site everywhere you can. THERE IS HOPE.

We have currently a former US Senator, Mike Gravel who has announced on April 17th his candidacy for PRESIDENT of the United States under the banner of NATIONAL INITIATIVES and PUTTING BALLOT MEASURES on the FEDERAL BALLOT to let the PEOPLE DECIDE. He is our only hope. Please focus your entire politiical energy in this camp. Visit his website and subscribe to this feed for more information about his chances of getting elected.

HE WILL ONLY BE ELECTED if you support him. Please give him your support. We support Mike Gravel because he is the FIRST major political candidate to openly publicize NATIONAL INITIATIVES and REFERENDA. His design of this process is TOO COMPLICATED for me, but together we can brainstorm it and streamline it to become the effective FOURTH BRANCH of Government that can become the basis of REAL DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA.


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