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President Bush re-starts the Cold War

June 5, 2007

President Bush has decided that things were too peaceful between this nation, Europe and Russia, so he announces plans to install EVEN MORE military weapons on the border of Europe and Russia in Poland and Czecholslovakia.

Thinking we’re all mentally challenged, he makes the idiotic claim that these weapons are to protect Western Europe against terrorism threats from the Middle East.  What’s wrong with that?  The Middle East is about 2,000 miles SOUTH of his new installations.

ONCE AGAIN, he misses his target and pisses off the rest of the world.  If he were truly interested in protecting Europe from Middle Easter terrorist missiles, he should have placed this new military installation in ISRAEL.  They would love to harbor more of our military systems.

Meanwhile, Osama Bin Laden is still alive and still directing his war against us.  One has to ask two basic questions; What is this man really up to?  Why is his war mongering going unchecked by a Democratic Congress?   A DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS elected to office by people truly weary of this man’s policies.

You have to see that the Two Party system in this country is not working.  We need to have VOTING on the INTERNET.  Let’s let the people decide these issues.  Politicians of both parties are incapable of doing the right thing, ninety percent of the time.  Is this a statistic that we can live with?


President Bush turns over control of all decisions to General Betrayus.

May 29, 2007

In a memorial Day Weekend comment, President Bush said, “Who do you trust to make decisions, General Betrayus, or the United States Congress? I trust General Betrayus.”

Bush is pretty stupid, but he cannot be that stupid NOT to know that the United States Congress is granted the exclusive right to make decisions about policy, laws and wars by the United States Constitution. Is Bush preparing us for Martial Law where all freedoms and liberties are suspended so that the Generals can run our lives?

This is NOT a casual slip of the tongue by this man and we must all take him very, very seriously. He already has assumed most of the lawmaking powers of the Congress and Congress has capitulated. No, this is a very dangerous Republican Party hidden agenda. They want to get rid of the American Constitution because it gets in the way of their Nazi policies of running the world as a military dictatorship.

The Congress for their part are also in a conspiracy to help the Republicans get their way. The democrats could, because they control over 50% of the Congress, easily just keep sending President Bush war funding bills that are tied to withdrawal of troop timetables, but because Bush has vetoed one of them, they surrender. If they continue to send him bills that the AMERICAN PEOPLE WANT, the gradual withdrawal of US troops from Iraq in order to get them out of harms way, eventually, Bush would have to sign ONE of them or face the very unpopular and not-very-pretty possibility of having US Troops have to find their way home on their own nickel. Something NO US President has ever done in History.

The democrats know that they have all the cards and yet they caved in the other day and gave the President exactly what he wanted, unrestricted billions of dollars to finance the CONTINUING WAR in Iraq. He bluffed them, and he won. Since he cannot make laws, or fund his own wars, eventually, he would have had to throw in his cards. But TEXAS HOLDEM is a tough game and our Congressmen and women don’t know how to play.

IN REALITY, of course they knew they had all the cards and yet they caved in anyway. Now, they’re saying on TV that they had no choice because they simply didn’t have the votes to overturn his VETO. BUT, the President has no votes to create the FUNDING BILL EITHER. At the very least, it was a stalemate in which the Congress would eventually have won because without food and ammo, they have to return the troops to US SOIL. THAT LAW is already on the books.

So, what’s really going on? When you notice that Hillary Clinton and Osama Bin Laden, John Edwards and John Biden voted AGAINST this funding bill, knowing that it was going to pass, you can see right through their very transparent strategy. The democrats are actually working the war so that it stas active until the final days of the campaign because they know the American people have a very short memory. So, if they got the troops home in 2007, the war would not be the significant factor that it is now for the election in 2008. So, they are allowing BUSH to twist slowly, slowly in the wind, hoping that no more Americans are killed needlessly until they can capture the White House in November of 2008 and be inaugurated in Jan of 2009.

Of course, more than a handful of young men and women, the great heroes of our time are being killed and maimed horribly, many of them losing their eyesight, their arms, their legs every day. Neither the Democrats or the Republicans truly care about the troops. They just use the words. If they truly cared about our great and heroic young men and women, the most patriotic of all of us, they would get them on a jet plane and out of harms way, YESTERDAY, the day after they won the majority in Congress, last November. Here it is many months later and they are still being sacrificed for political gains of just a few men and women lusting for power.

A true Memorial Day speech from these bozos would be to get tough on the Bush Administration, not surrender so easily, continue to send him funding bills that get our greatest generation of heroes back home where they belong.

BUSH and CHENEY like to say that if we brought our troops home now, the war in Iraq would escalate and these people would kill each other. I say, where in the United States Constitution does it say that American blood and treasure must be spilled so recklessly in defense of FOREIGNERS who are hell bent on killing each other? Show me where that is written and I will be one of the first to join.

They also say that Al Quaeda will WIN if we leave and that we just hand them a victory. They say that Al Quaeda will follow us home. I say, let them WIN. Because winning in that country only means that they will be more efficient at killing each other if NONE OF US ARE THERE. And, if they do come to America, our TROOPS back here at HOME are better able to DEFEND US. I say, LET THEM COME. Bring it on, Al Quaeda, but if you come now, our troops are not here to defend us. They are in Iraq, so if you could come, you would have come NOW. BUT, if we bring our troops home to these hallowed shores, and if they come, they will have the worst nightmare of their lives.

But, only if our troops are HERE to defend US, the American People instead of OVER THERE, defending people who are still living in the Stone Age.  And I do mean “Stone Age”.  They just stoned to DEATH a poor unfortunate little girl who committed the heinous crime of falling in love.

General Betrayus.  Make the right decision for us because our Congress has Betrayed us too.  BRING OUR TROOPS HOME NOW!

Bush’s State of the Union. Did you like it?

January 23, 2007

A university study was recently completed and the researchers found that nearly every Corporation that donated to the campaigns of our Senators and Congressmen have their stock go up in value almost DOUBLE other corporations in their industry who DON’T MAKE campaign contributions, or don’t contribute as much.

And, amazingly enough, the average campaign donation is a paltry $2,000.   That kind of money could come out of the average corporation’s petty cash jar.  This is how cheaply YOUR representatives can be purchased.

Let’s start voting on the Internet.  The corporations can’t buy off each and every voter and if they did figure out a way, wouldn’t that be preferable to our POLITICIANS getting the money?

Voting On The Internet.Com

President Bush will IGNORE the polls that tell him WE Don’t want his fucking War!

January 15, 2007

President Bush today said on National Television that he will ignore any and all polls that show the vast majority of Americans are against his phony war. He says, “He is not going to give up his principles.” He said, “I don’t care to be a popular President. Let people think what they’re going to think. I know what I’m going to do.”

In other words, President Bush is now on record stating very clearly that the United States is no longer a Democracy, a nation Of the People, By the People and For the People. America is now a total dictatorship, a one man rule. Which wouldn’t be so bad except that one man is so wrong all the time and so incompetent at the job of Military Dictator. A successful Commander-In-Chief, would have found Osama Bin Laden by now. A competent military leader would have established a peaceful base in Iraq from which he could push on to attack Iran and any other rogue nation that professes to have the Atom Bomb and is willing to use it to do us harm.

That would be a competent Military Dictator and let’s face it, that’s what this President aspires to be. He cannot be competent because he simply doesn not have the brain power or the leadership style that instills confidence in his men.

But, that argument belies the much larger issue. Why does Pres. Bush think that he has the right to be a Military Dictator and ignore the will of the people? Is it because he has broken his oath to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States? If he has broken his oath to defend the greatest document ever conceived by men, the only social contract that we have ever had in history that protects the country from military dictatorships, then is this abrogation of his oath, a “High Crime and Misdemeanor” that could be used to impeach him?

If you as the reader do not do something to help push for VOTING ON THE INTERNET. VOTING on National Initiatives and Referenda and not just for politicians who lie like a rug, then, you are allowing this great nation to go down the tubes like every other nation where the people have fallen silent and remained apathetic. If we don’t have National Ballot Measures that are put on the Ballot and voted on over the Internet in a TRUE DEMOCRACY soon, all the great hope and faith of this planet, all the constant evolution and the struggle for positive changes in our lives comes to a screeching half and men like George W. Bush, the ‘W’ stands for ‘Wasted’, will inherit the Earth and God have mercy on our souls.


Do it today. Renew the spirit of the American Revolution. Show the world that it never dies.

Democrats PUT IT TO THE PEOPLE. Let us decide.

January 9, 2007

The Democratic Party is now struggling to find a way to counter President Bush who is seen as a strong leader in time of war. So, they want to stop the war but the only way open to them under our Constitution is by cutting the funding for the war. They think that this will show them as leaving the troops in a vulnerable position. BUT WHY? If you cut their funding, Bush would have no recourse but to bring them home. Why not pass a bill that funds ONLY ENOUGH MONEY to bring them home. Now, what would BUSH DO?

BUT, the Democratic Party, like all political parties, is really interested in gaining power and keeping it. So, they will continue to MOUTH both sides of this issue in a way that will help them gain power. BUT at what cost? ANOTHER 3,000 American Lives?

LET’S LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE. WHY NOT PUT THIS QUESTION to the AMERICAN PEOPLE in a Non-Binding National Referendum? Let’s let the people decide. Do we keep our troops over there in that insane hell hole of a country for another four years while these religious fanatics pick them off one at a time? Or do we bring them home to the love and safety of their families?


The only way to have REAL DEMOCRACY. Support us now. Before they take all our freedoms away.

Bush is sending more troops. Democrats will allow it.

January 8, 2007

The Democratic Party wishing to have an issue for the 2008 Presidential Campaign it looks like will wait to really oppose the President on Iraq.  Pres. Bush will send 40,000 more troops, even though 3,000 of them have already died needlessly.

AND, Bush has squandered over 500 Billion of our dollars getting our best people killed and will soon ask for another 100 Billion.  The Dems will allow it saying that they don’t want to “ENDANGER OUR TROOPS” by pulling the funding for the BUSH Fiasco.

However, if they earmarked ONLY enough money for the TROOPS to come home, they could easily end the war.  OR, they could vote to send every troop a ticket on the next plane out of there.  That could save us several hundred billion dollars and thousands more innocent American lives.  REMEMBER, this whole BUSH IDEA about killing our guys was brought about by the Terrorists of 911 who only killed 3,000 of our people at the World Trade Center.  So far, thanks to Bush, they’ve more than DOUBLED their KILL SUCCESS ration.

So, the Democrats will allow the Bush Fiasco to rage on and allow more great heroic Americans to die for nothing because they WANT THE WAR to be the issue in the 2008 Pres. Election.  They know that Bush who never had a good idea hit him in his brain, probably will just get more bogged down.  Then, they can claim that they are against the war and they can take the White House.  And, never mind that a couple thousand more brave guys will die in Iraq while they play their silly games.

Let’s stop voting, until they let us VOTE FOR STUFF ON THE INTERNET.  It’s quicker.  It’s safer.  It’s so much more democratic and it puts the IDEAS where they should be in front of the voters.

Ex-President Gerald Ford dies. I miss him.

December 28, 2006

At the time of President Gerald Bush as President of the United States, I remember thinking, ‘What a Dufus’. He never did anything except pardon Richard Nixon so that no one could put him behind bars, which is what they should have done, of course. He had no idea what to do about the War in Viet Nam that he inherited from Nixon. So, the war just drifted to an end. Apparently, the generals and admirals of the Pentagon when faced with no orders from the President, just go into hibernation, collect their retirement income and hope that everyone finds their way home ok.  And so that’s how the War in Viet Name ended.  Gerald Ford just neglected it.  And so it ended.
But the war ended not due to any policies of President Ford. He had none. He had no idea about how to attack anyone. He had no positive ideas about anything. And, sadly, Ford had no idea on how to pull soldiers out of a war zone in an orderly fashion, so they just panicked and ran the other way, eventually finding their way back to America, and disgracing our image to the world.  Gerald Ford is responsible for the pictures of Americans leaving Saigon in a wild panic as the communists threw us out with a rag tag group of children armed with bamboo spears and sticks.  The greatest and strongest nation on the planet was defeated by a bunch of school children with nothing more than spit balls.  Gerald Ford allowed that to happen.

Ford had come to the Presidency because Nixon appointed him as a kind of impeachment insurance. Nixon mistakenly thought no one would want Gerald Ford as President and that would provide him an insurance policy against impeachment. But, Nixon, an even BIGGER DUFUS than FORD and such a jerk, he recorded his own conversations about his criminal activity and forgot to erase them.  So not even the threat of a Gerald Ford Presidency would prevent his impeachment.  The country went from Dufus Majoris to Dufus Minoris in a few days.

Nixon also appointed Ford as Vice President because in TWENTY YEARS in Congress as the Republican Congressman from Michigan, Gerald Ford, NEVER VOTED FOR ANYTHING. He always voted AGAINST anything that came up for a vote in Congress.  And the reason he never voted FOR anything while in Congress?  He couldn’t understand the arguments for or against, so he just went against, knowing this would probably do the least amount of harm.

GERALD FORD NEVER, NOT ONCE  introduced any piece of legislation. His support was never asked for, nor was it ever given to anything. He had no agenda. He had no causes.  He never made any speeches.  His goal was to stay under the Radar as long as he could and play golf and collect his paychecks for as long as he could get away with it. He was in Congress to collect his salary, like most of them, but in his case, he was not going to try to impress anyone and pretend that he cared about anything. So, he never once had his name on any legislation. He offered no solutions to any problems and yet somehow the fine Republican people of the great state of Michigan, probably thinking this man was a CAR and not a candidate, continued to send him in office again and again.

When this non-thinking, non caring, brain-dead muppet of a man became President of the United States I remember thinking, how awful he was as President, what a joke, and how I couldn’t wait until someone better might come along, someone who might actually accomplish something.

Today, I wish this man who allowed the war in Viet Nam to end, who never tried to improve on the American Dream, who had no solutions to any problems, was President once again.  Because the Gerald Ford Presidency proves to us all that if left to our own devices, Americans can solve all our problems.  We can get things done in an orderly fashion.  We are the greatest collection of people the world has ever seen.

Leave us alone, Mr. President. Why not emulate some of the wisdom of the late, great Gerald R. Ford, huh, please?

President Bush will increase troop strength in Iraq

December 21, 2006


In a Merry Christmas gift to all American people, Pres. Bush has been ‘The Decider’ once again and made the decision single handed to increase the troops in Iraq. He admitted that more Americans would die in this attempt. He even said that he hates it that more Americans will die because of his crazy decisions. But, he says, he has to keep making them due to the fact that his mind has been taken over by the Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla, Dick Clark.
Dick Clark, still recovering from last New Year’s Even celebrations in the Big Apple has also admitted to friends that he has influenced Pres. Bush by using a voodoo doll of the President and whispering in its ear every night. He says, that he’s been whispering ideas like throwing away the Constitution, ignoring everyone who complains about the large overbearing and blood-thirsty government and even scrapping Social Security, but that the President hasn’t been able to get any of this crap done yet.
Clark says he’s still working on getting all of this done so that he, Dick Clark can become the leader of not only Rock N Roll, but also of the rest of the world. His main concern has always been that the Muslim world doens’t yet listen to Rock N Roll in any great numbers and so his ratings are down in that half of the world. And so to rectify this situation, he’s created this diabolical scheme to wrest control of the world away from George W. Bush by making him look stupid.
He’s concerned that even after making Bush look really, really ridiculous lately, the American People still have not appointed him as ruler.
<a href=””>  FOR MORE </a>on this and related stories of the voodoo theft of America by the celebrities and notables of the world.

This Christmas, let’s bring the TROOPS home to a Merry Christmas for them too.

December 10, 2006

At Christmas time, in between our rushing around for gifts, we are all challenged to think about the real meaning of Christmas.  We are celebrating the birth of the greatest man to ever walk the Earth.  He is the first to teach us that LOVE is the answer and that HATE is the enemy really of all right thinking people.  For that lesson, most of us in this the greatest nation on Earth, think of ourselves as Christians.

It is the greatest purpose of Christianity that we now turn our attention finally to the brave young men and women who are thousands of miles from their loved ones at Christmas time.  We just had an election that was a national REFERENDUM on the war and the people have spoken.  WE WANT TO BRING OUR TROOPS HOME, and yet the President of the United States, the man who considers himself to be “THE DECIDER” stubbornly refuses to let the troops come home and in speech after speech is telling us the troops will stay not only for this Christmas, but the NEXT SEVERAL CHRISTMASES TOO, if necessary until HE DECIDES we have some kind of success that is unclear and unnatural for these people to have.

SUCCESS HAS BEEN ACHIEVED by every measure.  Saddam Hussein is in prison and wtihin a few short days will be executed for his crimes against his own people.  What these crimes had to do with the necessity for our American boys to die to bring this man to justice is beyond me.  However, our President made the decision to send thousands of troops to their deaths and to spend trillions of our dollars in this questionable cause.

He is successful in ruining this regime and bringing it to an end.  It is NOW up to the IRAQI people to sort through the ruins of their cities and start to build again.  It’s not the responsibility of the American people any longer.  We tried to get these people to LOVE one another, but they are NOT CHRISTIANS and have not learned this great lesson of history.

Let’s let them learn the lessons of history that we have learned two thousand years ago.  That it is blessed to love one another and to love even one’s enemies or die in the terrible destruction that this hate will deliver unto them.

It is the LESSON of CHRIST that compels us to bring our beloved heroes HOME and to let our beloved Muslim friends learn the lesson of Christ.  We give them with our departure, the best place to begin to learn for they will either learn or die.  In the end, I have faith, that they will learn to love one another.  I only wonder at how many of their loved ones they will sacrifice before it is clear to them.  This is in God’s hands now and not in ours.



Give Thanks that George Bush is not Bombing your home.

November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks for things that happen to us over the course of the year. Let’s all give thanks that George W. Bush is not sending troops into our city or town, disrupting the normal order of things and allowing thugs to come around and kill us, rape our women, destroy our children.

In the month of November, more than 200 children have been killed in Iraq, more than 500 women, and several thousand men have lost their lives as a direct result of the Bush destabilization of this sorry country. The avowed reason, as you’ll recall, for our sending thousands of troops and dropping millions of tons of lethal bombs on this forlorn country was the ‘Wisdom’ and the ‘Intelligence’ of the Bush Administration. In their infinite wisdom, they decided that there had to be nuclear missiles pointed at the United States from somewhere in Iraq.

After convincing the American people of this lie, the Bush Whitehouse decided to go ahead and drop millions of tons of bombs, shoot millions of bullets, spend billions of dollars on setting up sham businesses and government facilities to convince us that this lie was worth it. But, after billions of ollars and thousands of our lives, there is still nothing but death and depravity in Iraq and it’s all on the watch of the American people.

We allowed this to happen. We let this maniac of a President destroy hundreds of thousands of innocent lives, to kill innocent children and rape this area of the world because Osama Bin Laden might be hiding there. IN reality, HE KNEW FULL WELL that Osama Bin Laden was nowhere near Iraq. If he had been in Iraq wouldn’t we have found him by now.  Everyone knows, everyone except our President that is, that Osama Bin Laden is in Pakistan.  Our soldiers chased him there.  He used to be in Afghanistan.  We invaded Afghanistan, but allowed Osama to escape into Pakistan.  Why didn’t we pursue Osama in Pakistan and kill him when we had the chance?

Obviously a horrible mistake, George W. Bush covers his mistake by trying to tell us that all the death and sacrifice is worth it because he was able to kill a man by the name of AL Zarqawi. A man who never attacked us at the World Trade Cetner, but who did attack us after we invaded his country. Anyone by this description in our country defending us from a foreign invasion would be deemed a hero.
Then, they tried to tell us it’s worth all these lives because they are going to get a Democracy in Iraq. Well, that ain’t happening either. So, what was it all for? Could it be that George W. Bush, fearing the retaliation by the Saudis for killing Osama, diverted our attention purposely to Iraq so that We the American People might forget who the real perpetrator of 9/11 was? Could it be that George W. Bush is willing to sacrifice thousands of American lives and millions of innocent Iraqi lives just so that he can get our attention away from OUR REAL ENEMY?

IF this is TRUE, Would this be TREASON? Would this be enough for IMPEACHMENT? Or jail?   VOTE ON THE INTERNET. IT’s our only hope. For God’s Sake, for the Nation’s Sake. For the planet’s sake. We must not, we must NEVER trust any politicians ever again. POWER TO THE PEOPLE.

Happy Thanksgiving!  When you are seated around the dinner table giving thanks.  Thank God that George W. Bush is not invading your city or town, punishing your women and children over false intelligence.