President Bush re-starts the Cold War

President Bush has decided that things were too peaceful between this nation, Europe and Russia, so he announces plans to install EVEN MORE military weapons on the border of Europe and Russia in Poland and Czecholslovakia.

Thinking we’re all mentally challenged, he makes the idiotic claim that these weapons are to protect Western Europe against terrorism threats from the Middle East.  What’s wrong with that?  The Middle East is about 2,000 miles SOUTH of his new installations.

ONCE AGAIN, he misses his target and pisses off the rest of the world.  If he were truly interested in protecting Europe from Middle Easter terrorist missiles, he should have placed this new military installation in ISRAEL.  They would love to harbor more of our military systems.

Meanwhile, Osama Bin Laden is still alive and still directing his war against us.  One has to ask two basic questions; What is this man really up to?  Why is his war mongering going unchecked by a Democratic Congress?   A DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS elected to office by people truly weary of this man’s policies.

You have to see that the Two Party system in this country is not working.  We need to have VOTING on the INTERNET.  Let’s let the people decide these issues.  Politicians of both parties are incapable of doing the right thing, ninety percent of the time.  Is this a statistic that we can live with?


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