President Bush turns over control of all decisions to General Betrayus.

In a memorial Day Weekend comment, President Bush said, “Who do you trust to make decisions, General Betrayus, or the United States Congress? I trust General Betrayus.”

Bush is pretty stupid, but he cannot be that stupid NOT to know that the United States Congress is granted the exclusive right to make decisions about policy, laws and wars by the United States Constitution. Is Bush preparing us for Martial Law where all freedoms and liberties are suspended so that the Generals can run our lives?

This is NOT a casual slip of the tongue by this man and we must all take him very, very seriously. He already has assumed most of the lawmaking powers of the Congress and Congress has capitulated. No, this is a very dangerous Republican Party hidden agenda. They want to get rid of the American Constitution because it gets in the way of their Nazi policies of running the world as a military dictatorship.

The Congress for their part are also in a conspiracy to help the Republicans get their way. The democrats could, because they control over 50% of the Congress, easily just keep sending President Bush war funding bills that are tied to withdrawal of troop timetables, but because Bush has vetoed one of them, they surrender. If they continue to send him bills that the AMERICAN PEOPLE WANT, the gradual withdrawal of US troops from Iraq in order to get them out of harms way, eventually, Bush would have to sign ONE of them or face the very unpopular and not-very-pretty possibility of having US Troops have to find their way home on their own nickel. Something NO US President has ever done in History.

The democrats know that they have all the cards and yet they caved in the other day and gave the President exactly what he wanted, unrestricted billions of dollars to finance the CONTINUING WAR in Iraq. He bluffed them, and he won. Since he cannot make laws, or fund his own wars, eventually, he would have had to throw in his cards. But TEXAS HOLDEM is a tough game and our Congressmen and women don’t know how to play.

IN REALITY, of course they knew they had all the cards and yet they caved in anyway. Now, they’re saying on TV that they had no choice because they simply didn’t have the votes to overturn his VETO. BUT, the President has no votes to create the FUNDING BILL EITHER. At the very least, it was a stalemate in which the Congress would eventually have won because without food and ammo, they have to return the troops to US SOIL. THAT LAW is already on the books.

So, what’s really going on? When you notice that Hillary Clinton and Osama Bin Laden, John Edwards and John Biden voted AGAINST this funding bill, knowing that it was going to pass, you can see right through their very transparent strategy. The democrats are actually working the war so that it stas active until the final days of the campaign because they know the American people have a very short memory. So, if they got the troops home in 2007, the war would not be the significant factor that it is now for the election in 2008. So, they are allowing BUSH to twist slowly, slowly in the wind, hoping that no more Americans are killed needlessly until they can capture the White House in November of 2008 and be inaugurated in Jan of 2009.

Of course, more than a handful of young men and women, the great heroes of our time are being killed and maimed horribly, many of them losing their eyesight, their arms, their legs every day. Neither the Democrats or the Republicans truly care about the troops. They just use the words. If they truly cared about our great and heroic young men and women, the most patriotic of all of us, they would get them on a jet plane and out of harms way, YESTERDAY, the day after they won the majority in Congress, last November. Here it is many months later and they are still being sacrificed for political gains of just a few men and women lusting for power.

A true Memorial Day speech from these bozos would be to get tough on the Bush Administration, not surrender so easily, continue to send him funding bills that get our greatest generation of heroes back home where they belong.

BUSH and CHENEY like to say that if we brought our troops home now, the war in Iraq would escalate and these people would kill each other. I say, where in the United States Constitution does it say that American blood and treasure must be spilled so recklessly in defense of FOREIGNERS who are hell bent on killing each other? Show me where that is written and I will be one of the first to join.

They also say that Al Quaeda will WIN if we leave and that we just hand them a victory. They say that Al Quaeda will follow us home. I say, let them WIN. Because winning in that country only means that they will be more efficient at killing each other if NONE OF US ARE THERE. And, if they do come to America, our TROOPS back here at HOME are better able to DEFEND US. I say, LET THEM COME. Bring it on, Al Quaeda, but if you come now, our troops are not here to defend us. They are in Iraq, so if you could come, you would have come NOW. BUT, if we bring our troops home to these hallowed shores, and if they come, they will have the worst nightmare of their lives.

But, only if our troops are HERE to defend US, the American People instead of OVER THERE, defending people who are still living in the Stone Age.  And I do mean “Stone Age”.  They just stoned to DEATH a poor unfortunate little girl who committed the heinous crime of falling in love.

General Betrayus.  Make the right decision for us because our Congress has Betrayed us too.  BRING OUR TROOPS HOME NOW!


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