Bush’s State of the Union. Did you like it?

A university study was recently completed and the researchers found that nearly every Corporation that donated to the campaigns of our Senators and Congressmen have their stock go up in value almost DOUBLE other corporations in their industry who DON’T MAKE campaign contributions, or don’t contribute as much.

And, amazingly enough, the average campaign donation is a paltry $2,000.   That kind of money could come out of the average corporation’s petty cash jar.  This is how cheaply YOUR representatives can be purchased.

Let’s start voting on the Internet.  The corporations can’t buy off each and every voter and if they did figure out a way, wouldn’t that be preferable to our POLITICIANS getting the money?

Voting On The Internet.Com


One Response to “Bush’s State of the Union. Did you like it?”

  1. Dave On Fire Says:

    Do you have a link to this university study? I would love to find out more.

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