Democrats PUT IT TO THE PEOPLE. Let us decide.

The Democratic Party is now struggling to find a way to counter President Bush who is seen as a strong leader in time of war. So, they want to stop the war but the only way open to them under our Constitution is by cutting the funding for the war. They think that this will show them as leaving the troops in a vulnerable position. BUT WHY? If you cut their funding, Bush would have no recourse but to bring them home. Why not pass a bill that funds ONLY ENOUGH MONEY to bring them home. Now, what would BUSH DO?

BUT, the Democratic Party, like all political parties, is really interested in gaining power and keeping it. So, they will continue to MOUTH both sides of this issue in a way that will help them gain power. BUT at what cost? ANOTHER 3,000 American Lives?

LET’S LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE. WHY NOT PUT THIS QUESTION to the AMERICAN PEOPLE in a Non-Binding National Referendum? Let’s let the people decide. Do we keep our troops over there in that insane hell hole of a country for another four years while these religious fanatics pick them off one at a time? Or do we bring them home to the love and safety of their families?


The only way to have REAL DEMOCRACY. Support us now. Before they take all our freedoms away.


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