Bush is sending more troops. Democrats will allow it.

The Democratic Party wishing to have an issue for the 2008 Presidential Campaign it looks like will wait to really oppose the President on Iraq.  Pres. Bush will send 40,000 more troops, even though 3,000 of them have already died needlessly.

AND, Bush has squandered over 500 Billion of our dollars getting our best people killed and will soon ask for another 100 Billion.  The Dems will allow it saying that they don’t want to “ENDANGER OUR TROOPS” by pulling the funding for the BUSH Fiasco.

However, if they earmarked ONLY enough money for the TROOPS to come home, they could easily end the war.  OR, they could vote to send every troop a ticket on the next plane out of there.  That could save us several hundred billion dollars and thousands more innocent American lives.  REMEMBER, this whole BUSH IDEA about killing our guys was brought about by the Terrorists of 911 who only killed 3,000 of our people at the World Trade Center.  So far, thanks to Bush, they’ve more than DOUBLED their KILL SUCCESS ration.

So, the Democrats will allow the Bush Fiasco to rage on and allow more great heroic Americans to die for nothing because they WANT THE WAR to be the issue in the 2008 Pres. Election.  They know that Bush who never had a good idea hit him in his brain, probably will just get more bogged down.  Then, they can claim that they are against the war and they can take the White House.  And, never mind that a couple thousand more brave guys will die in Iraq while they play their silly games.

Let’s stop voting, until they let us VOTE FOR STUFF ON THE INTERNET.  It’s quicker.  It’s safer.  It’s so much more democratic and it puts the IDEAS where they should be in front of the voters.



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