Ex-President Gerald Ford dies. I miss him.

At the time of President Gerald Bush as President of the United States, I remember thinking, ‘What a Dufus’. He never did anything except pardon Richard Nixon so that no one could put him behind bars, which is what they should have done, of course. He had no idea what to do about the War in Viet Nam that he inherited from Nixon. So, the war just drifted to an end. Apparently, the generals and admirals of the Pentagon when faced with no orders from the President, just go into hibernation, collect their retirement income and hope that everyone finds their way home ok.  And so that’s how the War in Viet Name ended.  Gerald Ford just neglected it.  And so it ended.
But the war ended not due to any policies of President Ford. He had none. He had no idea about how to attack anyone. He had no positive ideas about anything. And, sadly, Ford had no idea on how to pull soldiers out of a war zone in an orderly fashion, so they just panicked and ran the other way, eventually finding their way back to America, and disgracing our image to the world.  Gerald Ford is responsible for the pictures of Americans leaving Saigon in a wild panic as the communists threw us out with a rag tag group of children armed with bamboo spears and sticks.  The greatest and strongest nation on the planet was defeated by a bunch of school children with nothing more than spit balls.  Gerald Ford allowed that to happen.

Ford had come to the Presidency because Nixon appointed him as a kind of impeachment insurance. Nixon mistakenly thought no one would want Gerald Ford as President and that would provide him an insurance policy against impeachment. But, Nixon, an even BIGGER DUFUS than FORD and such a jerk, he recorded his own conversations about his criminal activity and forgot to erase them.  So not even the threat of a Gerald Ford Presidency would prevent his impeachment.  The country went from Dufus Majoris to Dufus Minoris in a few days.

Nixon also appointed Ford as Vice President because in TWENTY YEARS in Congress as the Republican Congressman from Michigan, Gerald Ford, NEVER VOTED FOR ANYTHING. He always voted AGAINST anything that came up for a vote in Congress.  And the reason he never voted FOR anything while in Congress?  He couldn’t understand the arguments for or against, so he just went against, knowing this would probably do the least amount of harm.

GERALD FORD NEVER, NOT ONCE  introduced any piece of legislation. His support was never asked for, nor was it ever given to anything. He had no agenda. He had no causes.  He never made any speeches.  His goal was to stay under the Radar as long as he could and play golf and collect his paychecks for as long as he could get away with it. He was in Congress to collect his salary, like most of them, but in his case, he was not going to try to impress anyone and pretend that he cared about anything. So, he never once had his name on any legislation. He offered no solutions to any problems and yet somehow the fine Republican people of the great state of Michigan, probably thinking this man was a CAR and not a candidate, continued to send him in office again and again.

When this non-thinking, non caring, brain-dead muppet of a man became President of the United States I remember thinking, how awful he was as President, what a joke, and how I couldn’t wait until someone better might come along, someone who might actually accomplish something.

Today, I wish this man who allowed the war in Viet Nam to end, who never tried to improve on the American Dream, who had no solutions to any problems, was President once again.  Because the Gerald Ford Presidency proves to us all that if left to our own devices, Americans can solve all our problems.  We can get things done in an orderly fashion.  We are the greatest collection of people the world has ever seen.

Leave us alone, Mr. President. Why not emulate some of the wisdom of the late, great Gerald R. Ford, huh, please?



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