President Bush will increase troop strength in Iraq


In a Merry Christmas gift to all American people, Pres. Bush has been ‘The Decider’ once again and made the decision single handed to increase the troops in Iraq. He admitted that more Americans would die in this attempt. He even said that he hates it that more Americans will die because of his crazy decisions. But, he says, he has to keep making them due to the fact that his mind has been taken over by the Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla, Dick Clark.
Dick Clark, still recovering from last New Year’s Even celebrations in the Big Apple has also admitted to friends that he has influenced Pres. Bush by using a voodoo doll of the President and whispering in its ear every night. He says, that he’s been whispering ideas like throwing away the Constitution, ignoring everyone who complains about the large overbearing and blood-thirsty government and even scrapping Social Security, but that the President hasn’t been able to get any of this crap done yet.
Clark says he’s still working on getting all of this done so that he, Dick Clark can become the leader of not only Rock N Roll, but also of the rest of the world. His main concern has always been that the Muslim world doens’t yet listen to Rock N Roll in any great numbers and so his ratings are down in that half of the world. And so to rectify this situation, he’s created this diabolical scheme to wrest control of the world away from George W. Bush by making him look stupid.
He’s concerned that even after making Bush look really, really ridiculous lately, the American People still have not appointed him as ruler.
<a href=””>  FOR MORE </a>on this and related stories of the voodoo theft of America by the celebrities and notables of the world.


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