This Christmas, let’s bring the TROOPS home to a Merry Christmas for them too.

At Christmas time, in between our rushing around for gifts, we are all challenged to think about the real meaning of Christmas.  We are celebrating the birth of the greatest man to ever walk the Earth.  He is the first to teach us that LOVE is the answer and that HATE is the enemy really of all right thinking people.  For that lesson, most of us in this the greatest nation on Earth, think of ourselves as Christians.

It is the greatest purpose of Christianity that we now turn our attention finally to the brave young men and women who are thousands of miles from their loved ones at Christmas time.  We just had an election that was a national REFERENDUM on the war and the people have spoken.  WE WANT TO BRING OUR TROOPS HOME, and yet the President of the United States, the man who considers himself to be “THE DECIDER” stubbornly refuses to let the troops come home and in speech after speech is telling us the troops will stay not only for this Christmas, but the NEXT SEVERAL CHRISTMASES TOO, if necessary until HE DECIDES we have some kind of success that is unclear and unnatural for these people to have.

SUCCESS HAS BEEN ACHIEVED by every measure.  Saddam Hussein is in prison and wtihin a few short days will be executed for his crimes against his own people.  What these crimes had to do with the necessity for our American boys to die to bring this man to justice is beyond me.  However, our President made the decision to send thousands of troops to their deaths and to spend trillions of our dollars in this questionable cause.

He is successful in ruining this regime and bringing it to an end.  It is NOW up to the IRAQI people to sort through the ruins of their cities and start to build again.  It’s not the responsibility of the American people any longer.  We tried to get these people to LOVE one another, but they are NOT CHRISTIANS and have not learned this great lesson of history.

Let’s let them learn the lessons of history that we have learned two thousand years ago.  That it is blessed to love one another and to love even one’s enemies or die in the terrible destruction that this hate will deliver unto them.

It is the LESSON of CHRIST that compels us to bring our beloved heroes HOME and to let our beloved Muslim friends learn the lesson of Christ.  We give them with our departure, the best place to begin to learn for they will either learn or die.  In the end, I have faith, that they will learn to love one another.  I only wonder at how many of their loved ones they will sacrifice before it is clear to them.  This is in God’s hands now and not in ours.




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