Give Thanks that George Bush is not Bombing your home.

Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks for things that happen to us over the course of the year. Let’s all give thanks that George W. Bush is not sending troops into our city or town, disrupting the normal order of things and allowing thugs to come around and kill us, rape our women, destroy our children.

In the month of November, more than 200 children have been killed in Iraq, more than 500 women, and several thousand men have lost their lives as a direct result of the Bush destabilization of this sorry country. The avowed reason, as you’ll recall, for our sending thousands of troops and dropping millions of tons of lethal bombs on this forlorn country was the ‘Wisdom’ and the ‘Intelligence’ of the Bush Administration. In their infinite wisdom, they decided that there had to be nuclear missiles pointed at the United States from somewhere in Iraq.

After convincing the American people of this lie, the Bush Whitehouse decided to go ahead and drop millions of tons of bombs, shoot millions of bullets, spend billions of dollars on setting up sham businesses and government facilities to convince us that this lie was worth it. But, after billions of ollars and thousands of our lives, there is still nothing but death and depravity in Iraq and it’s all on the watch of the American people.

We allowed this to happen. We let this maniac of a President destroy hundreds of thousands of innocent lives, to kill innocent children and rape this area of the world because Osama Bin Laden might be hiding there. IN reality, HE KNEW FULL WELL that Osama Bin Laden was nowhere near Iraq. If he had been in Iraq wouldn’t we have found him by now.  Everyone knows, everyone except our President that is, that Osama Bin Laden is in Pakistan.  Our soldiers chased him there.  He used to be in Afghanistan.  We invaded Afghanistan, but allowed Osama to escape into Pakistan.  Why didn’t we pursue Osama in Pakistan and kill him when we had the chance?

Obviously a horrible mistake, George W. Bush covers his mistake by trying to tell us that all the death and sacrifice is worth it because he was able to kill a man by the name of AL Zarqawi. A man who never attacked us at the World Trade Cetner, but who did attack us after we invaded his country. Anyone by this description in our country defending us from a foreign invasion would be deemed a hero.
Then, they tried to tell us it’s worth all these lives because they are going to get a Democracy in Iraq. Well, that ain’t happening either. So, what was it all for? Could it be that George W. Bush, fearing the retaliation by the Saudis for killing Osama, diverted our attention purposely to Iraq so that We the American People might forget who the real perpetrator of 9/11 was? Could it be that George W. Bush is willing to sacrifice thousands of American lives and millions of innocent Iraqi lives just so that he can get our attention away from OUR REAL ENEMY?

IF this is TRUE, Would this be TREASON? Would this be enough for IMPEACHMENT? Or jail?   VOTE ON THE INTERNET. IT’s our only hope. For God’s Sake, for the Nation’s Sake. For the planet’s sake. We must not, we must NEVER trust any politicians ever again. POWER TO THE PEOPLE.

Happy Thanksgiving!  When you are seated around the dinner table giving thanks.  Thank God that George W. Bush is not invading your city or town, punishing your women and children over false intelligence.


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