REPUBLICANS LOST, but NO ONE VOTED. What does it mean?

President Bush and the VMFP, Voting Machine Fraud Party, tried to steal the election last night, but failed because they couldn’t overwhelm the wave of anger and disgust about what they are doing with this country.

BUT, something much more important is happening.  We are rapidly falling into a Non-Democracy, a country run by a very small brain trust.  Slightly more than one third of this country’s registered voters actually voted last night in one of the MOST IMPORTANT ELECTIONS of all time.  This was an election that was really a Referendum on the War in Iraq.  AND, the vast majority of voters DID NOT EVEN CARE to exercise their right to vote.

WHY?  I wonder is that happening to us?  And the answer is obvious to me.  BOTH PARTIES STINK to high heaven.  Most voters are smart enough to know that whichever party is in power, it really has very little impact on their lives.  There will still be wars.  There will still be terrorism.  There will still be unfair confiscatory taxes in this country.  In fact, taxes are about to go WAY UP, because of the mismanagement of the Bush Administration and their out of control spending.  Someone has to pay the piper.  It might as well be us, rather than our children paying for it. 

BUT, what we need now is a way to energize the entire voting population.  If this democracy is to survive, we cannot run this country and the awesome power it wields for either good or bad, we must make it so that EVERY VOTER turns out.  There’s only one way to ensure a Real Democracy in this nation.  We MUST VOTE ON THE INTERNET.

Why place the Federal Ballot on the Internet?  Because of two very good reasons.  Voting machines, which they are rapidly installing into all the polling places are NOT secure.  Your home computer is far more secure and protected against political hacking than a voting machine that contains all the votes in one particular precinct.  You home computer tied to the Internet can be safeguarded easily in an election by products like McAfee’s Anti-Virus and Norton Internet Safe.  These products and thousands more like them can make your home computer impossible to hack and alter your voting record.  In a recount, it would be a fifteen minute job to re-poll all the computers on the Internet to see if we got it right.  Try that with any paper balloting or Machine balloting in existence today.

NOT USING the Internet for VOTING is like being forced to drive Model T Fords, the first mass produced automobiles which had no heater, no air conditioning, no suspension, no power steering, no CD players, no real engines and very uncomfortable seats.  Why should we continue to use OUTDATED technology to vote when every single family has a PERFECT VOTING MACHINE at home?  If they don’t, they can easily find a library or a school that has them to vote on.  OR, the government could far more cheaply supply every voter with a small compact computer.  They already paid 3 BILLION DOLLARS for voting machines that don’t work.


BUT By far and away THE MOST IMPORTANT REASON for VOTING ON THE INTERNET is that it will eventually give us NATIONAL BALLOT MEASURES because as soon as we start putting the political machine in the hands of the voters themselves, SOME OF US will start to SUGGEST some better IDEAS like RECALLING OUR TROOPS before more of these great sons and daughters are murdered at the hand of suicide bombers and religious lunatics.

How about REQUIRING a balanced budget?  How about allowing Stem Cell Research to continue to cure the most ravaging diseases?  How about lowering our taxes so that we can afford to feed our families better?  How about a National Health Insurance Plan?  How about a reform of Social Security so that it doesn’t run out of money?  How about a secure border so that immigration is held to a reasonable level?  How about penalizing corporations that take their jobs to other countries?  How about forcing Car companies to produce cars with better mileage?  How a special tax on the oil companies and taking the revenues generated from this Environmental Tax and giving it to companies that produce hydrogen, solar, electric or other alternative powered cars?  How about . . .

And, I could go on all day long with BALLOT MEASURES that I WOULD LIKE TO SEE US VOTING ON, over the Internet, without the interference of the LOBBYISTS and the POLITICAL COMPROMISING PARTIES.

What MEASURES would YOU PROPOSE?   Do you think you would enjoy living in a country that was RUN BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE and OF THE PEOPLE?


GO TO:  TO learn how to get it started.

P.S.  If you’re still not convinced, Just ask yourself, WHY IS IT neither the Democrats or the Republicans have TOLD you about NATIONAL BALLOT MEASURES or VOTING on the INTERNET?  Why do they SQUELCH anyone who suggests it?










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