Bush Administration plans to STEAL the Election

Think about it.  Why is Carl Rove so confident that the Republicans will win the Election AGAIN, even though all the polls are telling us that Americans are planning to vote for Democrats and AGAINST The Iraq War by Two to One.

Could it be that the electronic Voting Machine Company, Diebold, based in Texas and a contributor of millions of dollars to the Bush Campaign and a major contributor to the Rupublican Party has the VOTE ALREADY in place for the Republicans?

A recent study just showed that the programming has HUGE GAPING SECURITY HOLES that defy logic and that these machines are programmed LARGELY IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES, like Arabia, Slovakia, Pakistan and even Russia.  How is it psosible that this company is not required to hire all programmers in this country where they can be watched and security can be at a much higher level?  How is it that so many of the old paper voting systems have been replaced by these UNSECURE FOREIGN PROGRAMMED, ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES that can be changed WITHOUT EVEN A PASSWORD PROTECTION, no paper trail and not even a programming trail of who’s been messing with them and when?

STAND UP AMERICANS for DEMOCRACY before it’s 100% GONE.  VOTING ON THE INTENET NOT ONLY FOR Republicans and Democrats, BUT FOR THE ISSUES themselves is FAR MORE SECURE.  With the help of Microsoft Windows and Linux and other Internet Security Firms, a way can be made for every citizen to vote on the INTERNET WITH 100% confidence because EVERY COMPUTER IN EVERY HOME and BUSINESS HAS A UNIQUE I.P. Address and it’s impossible to fake that.  Every computer connected to the Internet is already far more secure RIGHT NOW, than any voting machine.   Within a few weeks, the Internet could be made 100% foolproof for VOTING.


GO TO:  http://www.votingontheinternet.com  AND GIVE US your support.  IF you’re patriotic and YOU RESPECT OUR HALLOWED CONSTITUTION, you’ll do this now.

IF not, God Help Us!


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