President Bush Desperate, now calls for Democratic Plan

President Bush today holds a press conference, two weeks ahead of the elections and basically says that his old policy of “STAY THE COURSE” in Iraq is not working and so now it’s time for Scheduled Withdrawal of our troops. He doesn’t say that the Democrats were right and he was wrong, BUT, the Democrats were right and he was wrong. We can’t allow more and more of our best and most brave and heroic young men and women to die for NO REASON, other than to keep the OIL reserves in this God Forsaken country for our use.

BUT when a President of the United States goes around making hundreds of speeches about how the Democrats are WRONG and only he is RIGHT, and THEN JUST BEFORE an ELECTION so that HE CAN REMAIN IN POWER by taking up the DEMOCRATS SIDE, there’s something rotten in Denmark.

THE ONLY QUESTION I have is, “Are the American People DUMB ENOUGH to buy that kind of crap?”

I leave it up to you to answer in your next voting.

GO TO:  <a href=””>Voting On the”</a>


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