CNN Series – Broken Government. The FIX Starts Here

You may have seen the CNN series “Broken Government” wherein they expose the FRAUD about our Elected Officials who are NEVER WORKING for the MAJORITY of American citizens who contributed to their campaigns and instead WORK for their own enrichment.  The only bills that are guaranteed to pass every year are the bills that INCREASE THEIR SALARIES and BENEFITS.

THIS WILL NEVER IMPROVE no matter who we put into office.  OUR DEMOCRACY IS IN PERIL.

AND ONLY YOU CAN HELP.  You must make a STAND for National Ballot Measures.  IN THIS WAY, We the PEOPLE can PLACE our OWN INITIATIVES and REFERENDA on the National Ballot during each election.  THEN and ONLY THEN will we have a REAL DEMOCRACY in America.

There’s nothing RADICAL about this idea.  We have the Internet and this is the BEST USE of this wonderful and most democratic technology.  VOTING on the INTERNET directly for the issues is the ONLY way to finally have a way to solve problems on a National Scale, QUICKLY, EFFICIENTLY, INVOLVING all the citizens and FREE from BRIBES and CORRUPTION.  Because the Major Corporations BUY our Elected Officials with Cheap little baubles, Free Lunches, Sexual Favors and FREE TRIPS to fancy resorts.  BUT, when we have a way to CREATE LAWS by everyone VOTING FOR THEM on the Internet, NO ONE CAN INTERFERE WITH THE WILL OF THE MAJORITY.


IF you have a website or a blog, put up this LINK to our Web Site promoting VOTING on the INTERNET.

It looks like this:  <a href=””>ELECTIONS</a&gt;

Now, whenever anyone wants to know about Real Democracy they will click on your LINK and find out how to START VOTING OVER THE INTERNET RIGHT NOW.  It’s important that you DO NOT ALTER any of the LINK WORDING ABOVE, because if we can get just a few thousand AMERICAN CITIZENS who believe in Real Democracy in America and the END to the TWO PARTY MONOPOLY OF IDEAS, then, as more and more of you LINK TO US, the MAJOR Search Engines will PUT OUR WEB SITE ON TOP of their RESULTS PAGES for the KEY SEARCH WORD, “ELECTIONS”.  As we get closer and closer to ELECTION 2008 more and more of our citizens will search Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. to find out about the candidates and other election information.

ONE THING they will LEARN about is OUR MOVEMENT for NATIONAL BALLOT MEASURES AND HOW THEY CAN HELP BEGIN IT.  When a critical mass of American Citizens LEARN about how EASY it is to CHANGE THIS COUNTRY to a FULL Democracy a REAL Democracy a DIRECT Democracy, then the CHANGES WILL COME.  Our country will be saved.  Our children and their children for generations to come will be able to live the American Dream of Peace and FREEDOM forever.

The CHOICE IS YOURS.  BY DOING NOTHING, you allow this country to continue down the ROAD TO DESTRUCTION.  BY JOINING US, you can help bring about something POSITIVE and ESSENTIAL to our SURVIVAL AS A NATION and the Leader of the FREE WORLD.

The last thing you should know is that THE FOUNDING FATHERS of this great nation created a Partial Democracy because in their day, over two hundred years ago, there was ZERO technology outside of the HORSE and BUGGY.  They HAD to set up a REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY because this huge country could only be handled by a Congress of citizens elected to represent the will of the people.  BUT, can you imagine the FOUNDING FATHERS using HORSE AND BUGGY technology if they were creating AMERICA TODAY in the 21st Century?  I DOUBT IT.  I believe the FOUNDING FATHERS would use every MEGABYTE of the INTERNET and our amazing COMPUTERIZED SOCIETY TO STREAMLINE DEMOCRACY and GIVE THE PEOPLE the POWER they deserve.

Thomas Jefferson and ALL of the other FOUNDING FATHERS put in our Constitution, “THE POWERS not enumerated HERE in this Constitution are reserved for THE PEOPLE.  Somehow they knew that in the future of this great country, there would come a day when MORE POWER could be GIVEN TO THE PEOPLE and so they allowed for the AMENDMENT PROCESS wherein, We the People can ADD anything we want, anything we deem worthy of a Real Democracy and MAKE IT PART OF THE CONSTITUTION.  AMENDMENTS to the United States Constitution, the HOLIEST SCRIPTURE EVER PENNED have been made 26 times since the start of this country in 1776.

Without the United States Constitution and the right to CHANGE IT, we would still have SLAVERY in this country.  We would still allow ONLY RICH WHITE MEN to vote and NOT ALLOW WOMEN to vote.  We would have NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH, the FREE PRESS or FREEDOM of RELIGION.  We would not have the right bear arms.  We would not have the RIGHT TO VOTE DIRECTLY on the ISSUES.  THIS will be the NEXT great AMENDMENT to the U.S. Constitution, but only with your involvement.  We are STILL SLAVES to the POLITICIANS and their TOTAL LACK OF GOOD IDEAS.

THIS GOVERNMENT who enslaves YOU will not GIVE YOU NATIONAL BALLOT MEASURES, even though they KNOW that this would be the GREATEST IMPROVEMENT in Government in all HISTORY.  They will not GIVE IT TO US.  WE MUST TAKE IT.


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