Calling for a NATIONAL REFERENDUM on Stem Cell Research

Mr. President,

We The People of the United States are calling on YOU, our leader, to create a NATIONAL REFERENDUM of Stem Cell Research.  We believe that you are NOT the best person to decide on the PROHIBITION of Stem Cell Research as you have done because you are not afflicted by any life-threatening disease, and we thank God for that.  But, you should be aware that the millions of Americans who now suffer from Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Obesity, AIDS, the FLU and many other killer diseases, have a Death Sentence on them imposed by diseases that could be cured by Stem Cell Research, the most promising line of scientific health related research in the world at the present time.

We pray and hope that you will consider the logic that will allow you to change your mind and reverse your SINGLE and DICTATORIAL and Imperial decision.  IF NOT, that you will at least put this issue to the PEOPLE themselves.  IF the vast majority of people in this country DISAGREE with you about when life starts and that the lives of LIVING PEOPLE may take precedence over any moral considerations you and some preachers may have, then WHO ARE YOU TO STAND IN THE WAY of the MAJORITY?  Just because you are the President of the United States, does NOT give you the right to OVER-RULE the will of the majority.  THERE is NOTHING in the United States Constitution that allows you this much power.  AND, the taking of this much power is strictly forbidden, by any objective reading of this great document.

You do have the power to recommend LEGISLATION that would ENABLE NATIONAL INITIATIVES AND REFERENDA.  AND why not?  The TIME couldn’t be better.  There are so many issues facing this great nation and your humble ability to make the right decisions has been shown to be very challenged to say the least.  You would be the first to admit that you made a HUGE mistake going to war in Iraq, I’m sure, if it weren’t for your ego, and the political uncertainty that would arise from such an admission, that prevents you from admitting your mistakes publicly.

THERE WILL BE MANY MORE opportunities for you to make huge blunders and we ask you, is it moral, ethical or even logical to hold the American People and their great resources of life and money responsible for so many of your mistakes?  Should the American People, and untold generations of us be forced to pay the price for your mistakes?  Or any President’s mistakes.  You’re certainly not the first or the only President that has made mistakes.  Lyndon Johnson lied to the American People about the Bay of Tonkin, which he manufactured so that he could bring us into an unfortunate and costly War in Viet Nam.  Very much like you, he made a huge mistake and one that he regretted deeply.  I believe he died an early and unhappy death because he was so torn up inside about this terrible fraud of his upon the American people which cost so many hundreds of thousands of innocent lives.  I’m sure, if there is a HELL, there is a special place reserved for this President in this place.

President Clinton, because he was being torn apart by the Monica Lewinsky affair, didn’t concentrate on destroying Al Quaeda.  I’m sure, he is extremely torn up over that decision.  President Jimmy Carter bungled the Hostages in Iran problem by sending in junky old Helicopters that all broke down in the desert before they could make the rescue of our people.  He should have sent in the Marines with dozens of tanks and hundreds of planes to ensure that they arrived at their destination.  Your father, failed to get Saddam in the first Gulf War, simply because the wealthy Arab Oil Cartel told him to let Saddam go so as to not embarrass the Muslim world.  I’m sure your father, George the First, regrets this decision very much, since it lead you into your trap in Iraq.

Mr. President.  Isn’t it time to allow the PEOPLE of this great nation to take the burden off of the politicians in Washington D.C. who are so beholding to the Special Interest Groups?  The individual VOTER, the citizens of this great country can and should be allowed to MAKE some of the most important decisions that greatly impact their lives.  Why not be the FIRST PRESIDENT in history to allow us to have NATIONAL REFERENDA?  The people in RUSSIA hold frequent National Referenda.  It’s done in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France and Great Britain and in 22 of the states in these United States.  WHY NOT for the nation as a whole if for NO OTHER REASON than to save your sanity and your legacy by sharing the burden of the most pressing and the most serious problems and their possible solutions with the American people.

IF we are forever tied to decisions made by people who regularly must raise millions of dollars from special Interest groups, we’ll never have any real solutions.  And, more importantly, when we who are suffering from life-threatening diseases, have to live with the decision NOT to look for cures, IS THAT DEMOCRACY?  When a few lunatic preachers can COMMAND the President of the United States to prohibit Stem Cell Research from some ludicrous basis of Biblical Dogmatic reasoning that is anathema to real thinking people, AND HE COMPLIES with them.  Is this Real Democracy?  DID you, Mr. President BUY THE VOTES of the EVANGELICALS with this terrible and unjust, UNFAIR and IMMORAL decision?  From our point of view, the viewpoint of people with life-threatening diseases, I think I can say NO, THIS IS NOT DEMOCRACY, but instead A TYRANNY of the minority over the vast majority of American citizens.

A NATIONAL REFERENDUM is required more and more with each passing day because each passing day, you and your cronies in the Capitol make the most horrific decisions that go against common sense and the general Welfare of the American People.  The General Welfare of the American People is GUARANTEED TO US by the United States Constitution and in your action prohibiting UNILATERALLY the general welfare of the American People you are saying in effect that you completely disregard the United States Constitution and everything it stands for.

Please visit my Web Site VOTINGONTHEINTERNET.COM to see how easy it would be to use the Internet to have National Referenda or National Ballot Measures.  YOUR people could set up a web site very similar to this.  Give it all the security it needed and make America the FIRST country to use the Internet for a Real Democracy.


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