NATIONAL REFERENDUM on N. KOREAN Pre-Emptive Military Strike.

Mr. President,

It is clear from recent nuclear testing and missile testing and threats by the North Koreans to launch an attack against the United States, that something must be done and that probability is that the only strategy will work, after 20 years of placating this regime, paying Kim Jung Il billions in tribute, allowing him to starve his people, allowing him to counterfeit billions, perhaps trillions of American dollars, thus weakening our economy, that the only thing that may make this evil regime cease and desist is a pre-emptive military attack by the United States, Great Britain, Japan, Australia, South Korea and any other country that cares to join us.

Since, it is conceivable now that the North Korean lunatic government now has as many as ten nuclear bombs, perhaps as many as ten million innocent men, women and children in the United States, South Korea, Japan and other parts of the world may be murdered by this lunatic with nuclear weapons. There may be only a window of three or four months, perhaps sooner that a pre-emptive attack may even be feasible. Given more time to build their arsenals, the potential success of a pre-emptive military attack may be reduced to zero.

In that vein, given that we in America live in a supposed Democracy, we ask that you put this issue to the American people in the form of a National Referendum. The question, we need to ask the American People to decide is: “Should the United States use any or all of her military might to defeat by pre-emptive military strikes the regime of North Korea before they are able to launch a nuclear strike at American cities?”

This question is, in all probability, the greatest question of our time and perhaps of all time. Certainly, it is obvious to all that millions of innocent lives are at stake. If you alone, Mr. President make this decision, history may look at this decision as just as terrible and wrong as the decision making process in North Korea, one man, one horrible and fateful decision. Certainly, a decision of this import should be decided by ALL the American People, not just the “Commander-in-Chief”. Though you call yourself, “The Decider”, according to our Constitution, you are not the decider, the American People, vesting their power in the Congress of the United States are the “Deciders”. Unfortunately, since Congress is just a Rubber Stamp of your policies as shown by the support of Democrats to join in your war in Iraq, it is now a higher and better use of the American People to have their decisions made OVER THE INTERNET in the world’s first Real Democracy, a Direct Democracy, a Democracy that is not relying on the votes of Congress men and women who tow the party line and who have been corrupted by the lobbyists and their money.
Mr. President, wouldn’t it be better and a far better demonstration of American Democracy in Action if you allowed the American people DIRECTLY to vote on whether or not to go to war with North Korea, or any other nation that threatens our national security?

I submit that you do NOT have the best interests of the American People at heart, due to your FAILURE to put this or any other issue to the People in any National Referenda since your first coming to office.  This can only mean that you are NOT a true believer in Democracy and We the People cannot allow anyone to defend Democracy without being a true believer and a participator in Real and True Democracy.  By allowing a National Referenda on this issue, you will prove to the world that you DO believe in Democracy and this would give you the right and the bona fides to defend it.

The National Referenda on whether or not to use our military assets to defend Democracy does not have to be an official act of government.  It could be advisory only.  But, even an Advisory, straw poll of the American People on this issue, would give you the authority to act, if the vote comes out that way.  If you are afraid that the majority of American People would vote AGAINST a pre-emptive military strike against North Korea, then, you do not have to obey it, just as you are not obeying the will of the majority of Americans now, in regards to Iraq.  But, on the other hand, it is more likely that the American Voter, after debating the issue for a short period of time, will come to the conclusion that a pre-emptive military strike is the only strategy that is likely to succeed.  It may even turn out, that after a vote by the American People to this assertion, North Korea will realize the folly of their policies and begin to voluntarily disarm.

Faced with the majority will of the American People to launch a pre-emptive military strike, given the overwhelming military power that we possess at this time, what kind of ruler in any part of the world would be so foolish as to continue down the path of his own self-destruction?  The power of Democracy in either case is strong enough to overcome any outcome.  But we must unleash this power on the world.  We cannot go around striking out at nations just because one man, the Commander-In-Chief, decides to commit thousands of lives and billions of dollars to a military action.  This cannot be tolerated in a world that we are trying to make into a democracy.  The idea of one dictator who has more military power than another dictator is an old, worn out idea that has been shown to be defective and morbid at every instance.  It is only a matter of time before the American Dictatorship will fall due to its own weight and corruption.  It’s not too late to save Democracy, to preserve Democracy, to strengthen Democracy for this nation and for the world..

Mr. President, a web sight has been organize that will allow the Voting of All American Citizens of Voting Age and our latest National Referendum has been set up to measure the will of the people.  If you will only set up your own website in this likeness or you are free to use ours, you will be taking the first step toward a real Democracy in America, and you will be setting the course of history on this Earth along the path of Righteous Self Rule, the Rule Of the People, By the People, and Of the People, for the present emergency that we are in and for all future emergencies that surely will come.

Mr. President, please visit:  VOTINGONTHEINTERNET.COM to see how we have organized this concept for simplicity and ease of use for the American People.  If you choose to use our web site for this purpose, we will be honored, but we invite you to set up your own that will be more robust, more secure and more suited to the purpose of this great and just cause.  Thank You.  Citizens of the United States Who Wish To Be Counted.  CUSWTBC.

Mr. President, I have to make one last little postcript here:

If you DO NOT allow the American People to vote on the issue of whether or not to attack North Korea in a PRE-EMPTIVE MILITARY STRIKE, which I am confident will be your response, and you make the decision alone to attack this nation, which I am also confident, it is your intention of doing, then, let it be known to all who read this blog, and all blogs that connect to this one, that the readers of this blog and all whom they know, are now ON NOTICE that as of this date, you, President George W. Bush were given the opportunity to let the American People help you decide to put the lives of millions of our souls, the lives of our women and children, the life and breath of this the greatest nation on the Earth, in jeopardy, in what will most assuredly become known as World War Three and if you cause the deaths of innocent men, women and children all over the globe, WITHOUT THE STAMP OF APPROVAL OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, SHOULDERING BY YOURSELF THIS GRAVEST OF ALL RESPONSIBILITIES IMPOSED ON ANY MAN, may God have mercy on your soul!


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