Foley was having Online Sex while Voting FOR the War

Republican Representative Foley, according to CNN today was found to be having online sex with a former House Page while the vote was going on about whether or not to send American boys and girls to be killed in the streets of Baghdad. To me, this is unconsciounable and it is just one more indication of the kind of evil we have in this so-called democracy of ours making all the decisions for the American people.

They are probably all having online or actual sex while making the most important decisions effecting our lives every day. The fact that they are NOT paying attention should be well known to all of us. If they were really doing their jobs, there would be no homeless, no poverty, no budget deficits and certainly no un-justified war on a nation that had nothing to do with the attacks on 911. They voted for this war so that they could more easily spend us into bankruptcy knowing they could con us with their lies and prey on our fears.

History is being made by perverts. Do you want the life of America, the land that is the last best hope for this planet slowly squeezed out of it by people like these? And the Democrats are no better. Pres. Clinton was busy chasing young female interns for sex when he should have been hunting down Osama Bin Laden. So, both parties are worthless, perverted power hungry pigs, trained in making great sounding speeches so that we’ll vote them into power where they quickly betray us and the cause of Freedom and Democracy at every opportunity.

IT’S TIME TO PLACE THE POWER OF THE INTERNET OVER THESE PERVERTED FEW. We must start to vote for issues of National interest on the Internet. Each and every American, doing their part, thinking about the issues, discussing them, debating them, and then voting for or against the best solutions for our problems using THE great Democratic TECHNOLOGY of all time, the Internet, is the ONLY way out of the situation in which we find our nation and ourselves.

When this country was born, it was out of the urgency of men and women who were slaves to a King George in England. Today, we are slaves to a King George in Washtington D.C. and all of his courtiers, both Democrats and Republicans alike are at court for the sole purpose of enriching themselves and gratifying their basest urges. Do we all continue to live like slaves to these perverted people? I think not.

This is why I am urging everyone reading these words to go to my web site and start the process that I believe would kick start a Real Democracy in America, and be the first on this planet to be a real and total way to give the power to the people, the true originators and the sole beneficiaries of Government.

DO IT NOW, before the PERVERTS get everything they want, complete and total control over us so that they may better bestow their will upon us. IF you tell all your friends about this Web Site, we have a chance, a slight chance to change the direction of this great nation into oblivion. If you don’t, if you find yourself too busy, too tired, too critical of these words, then there is no hope for Mankind.

This, not the war on Terror,  is the greatest war EVER between GOOD vs. EVIL.   Here we have an Elected Representative having sex with a young man, while sending thousands of young men to their death or disfigurement in Iraq, a hell hole of a civilization that had no bearing on history until people like Representative Foley decided to unleash the hell of war upon their country for no apparent reason.

Do you really want to allow people like this Foley to represent you?  I don’t know about YOU, because I have been imploring people like you for decades to take the power back from these perverts in Washington D.C. and so far to no avail.  I pray for the day, when YOU will listen.


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