President Clinton Accused of not killing Osama Bin Laden

Well, folks, the American Media has now found new lows.   They are running FIRST PAGE articles about accusations that Bill Clinton didn’t kill Osama Bin Laden when he was President.  The biggest offender of this SCAM is FOX NEWS.

The obvious diversion here is that Clinton was PRE-9/11, so the urgency to kill Bin Laden was far less than it was for Pres. Bush who was POST 9/11 and so the MEDIA SHOULD BE ASKING BUSH why HE has not killed or captured Osama, not Bill Clinton, who was, after all fighting of the attempt by REPUBLICANS to have him impeached for having oral sex with an intern.  An intern, by the way, who was a Republican plant and a known slut.  She was well over 18 years of age, so where’s the crime. Pres.Clinton a lawyer should have asked himself; “Where’s the crime?”, but, scared to death of what Hillary would say, he lied about it and then lied under oath too.   Being an attorney, he should have sued himself for malpractive, however, he didnt’ and she didn’t and the rest is history.

The OBVIOUS STORY is why BUSH has not killed or captured Bin Laden, not the former administration.  The media reporters are intelligent enough to know this.  THEY ARE A SHAME and a DISGRACE to the public they try to serve.  Like good Republicans, they too worship money and so they have been paid off wtih the lure of keeping their fat salaries and all their perks for making the news to fit the REPUBLICAN point of view.

BUSH disbanded the CIA unit last year that was responsible for finding Bin Laden.  NO MEDIA source followed up on that story.   The Bush people said it was “Administrative” and meant nothing, and the MEDIA LEFT THEM ALONE, even NBC, said nothing, probed no further.  Yet, if your intention is to find and kill Osama Bin Laden, isn’t the CIA your FIRST LINE OF OFFENSE?  CLOSE DOWN THE EPA, who does nothing to protect the environment, or close down the NEA, who does nothing to improve education in this country, save billions and KEEP THE CIA UNIT in charge of finding Bin Laden in enough money to get the job done.  OR, does BUSH have another agenda?
THIS IS FURTHER PROOF that the MEDIA is controlled by the REPUBLICAN PARTY.  They are bought and paid for by the REPUBLICAN dominated corporations and we should all react by boycotting their publications.  Don’t buy newspapers and don’t listen to the TV and Radio any more than you have to.   Get your news from the INTERNET, where they can’t buy off that many people.  They simply don’t have that much money.

ONLY when we put our voting power on the Internet, these same corporations will run our lives and ruin this democracy for good.

<a href=””> </a> is the place to start taking this country back for ordinary citizens.  IF you DO NOT support, VOTING on the INTERNET, you are a treasonous son of a bitch.   You cannot love America, and NOT support TRUE DEMOCRACY and so if you go along with the corrupt system of MONEY  RULEs that we have now, you are not a true patriotic American.

<a href=””>VOTING ON THE INTERNET</a> is today, the only way to show your true patriotism.  GO TO THIS WEB SITE NOW and show your support for AMERICA, the way that GOD and the FOUNDING FATHERS intended her to be.


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