TIRED of decisions made in your name in this partial democracy?

Democracy means that the voters get to VOTE on the issues directly. In a partial democracy, they use middlemen who are subject to bribery and pursuing selfish interests. For example, they just voted themselves another HUGE PAY RAISE while at the same time, VOTING AGAINST raising the minimum wage for the lowest level of American workers.

Clearly, the middlemen have their own agenda and they follow the orders from their corporate bosses who pay them millions into their “ELECTION CAMPAIGN” funds. Ever wonder what happens to the millions they raise for their “CAMPAIGNS” that is not spent on their campaigns? Do they give the surplus back to their donors? I have never read about any instance of this.
Anyway, now that the Internet has been invented and so widely accepted as a public utility, it is time, I feel, to use it for the highest and best use, a real democracy, one in which the ordinary people make at least some of the most important decisions effecting our lives. Should we raise our taxes or lower them? Should we allow illegal immigration to continue unchecked? Should we continue to lose our best heroes in Iraq when there is no apparent reason for them to remain there any longer? Should we encourage the use of ALTERNATIVE energy sources, produced in this country, since we have become so dependent on foreign oil?

These and many other nagging questions directly impacting the health, welfare and security of ourselves and our children are constantly pressing down upon us. The leadership in Washington, even if they were saints and could resist the daily tempatations of bribery and political corruption, can’t possibly cope on their own. Since they are not saints, we must relieve them of their heaviest responsibilities and vote on some of these most pressing national and international issues, using the technology that can do it best, the Internet.

For more information, please visit: VOTINGONTHEINTERNET.COM



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